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The 12 best balcony plants

Whether you have a sunny balcony or a spot in the shade. With plants, you can brighten up that small space!

While one balcony is big enough for a nice garden set, another balcony could barely be big enough to walk. No matter how big your balcony is, there’s always something fun to make of it! From a remarkable olive tree to a hydrangea.

The most important thing? Know in which direction the balcony is located. This way you can choose plants that fit in with the environment. This will make you and the plant happy. The following tips are written based on the position of the sun in The Netherlands.

A shady balcony facing north

Do you have a north-facing balcony? Then the number of light can be quite different. One balcony picks up some sunlight, while the other balcony never sees sunlight. The direction of the balcony is therefore very important for choosing the right plants.

If you have a balcony facing north, choose a plant that is able to withstand (half) shade.

Our favourites? There are nice climbing plants such as the common ivy! Or how about a colourful Hydrangea (Hortensia)? A simple and beautiful outdoor plant. You could also put the Begonia or Fuchsia in a nice planter.

The morning sun on the east

A balcony facing east equals the morning sun. Delicious! For people, animals, flowers and plants. The plants can enjoy the sun on an east-facing balcony. Although the sun is not extreme.

Especially the Hosta, Japanese Maple and various types of ornamental grass enjoy the morning sun very much. Choose plants that enjoy indirect sunlight or semi-shade.

A sunny south-facing balcony

Real sun lovers have a south-facing balcony! The extreme afternoon sun comes along daily. Therefore, place only plants that love direct sunlight on the balcony.

Is there a heat wave coming? Or is the temperature above 30 degrees? Then don’t forget to water the plants every day. Because of the extreme sun, plants can quickly wither away. Even sun lovers!

Are you looking for plants that like to be in the sun? Think of an Olive Tree, Fig or Agave. These plants are used to extreme temperatures. In addition, they also originate from a sunny climate.

Do you have very little space? Then choose the Lavender, a Cactus or a succulent plant! Or choose to create your own vegetable garden. Think of Basil, Oregano or even a tomato plant!

The windproof west

The sultry evening sun? You’ll find it on a west-facing balcony. What you are sure to encounter on this balcony is extra wind and rain. It can be quite depressing on this balcony!

Make sure you choose plants that can endure some wind. It is best to place your plants in a planter or in a sturdy flowerpot.

Violets, Verbena and Four-leaf clover (Oxalis) are particularly suitable for the planter. Or opt for ornamental grass! Not only atmospheric, but also handy against the eye.

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