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The positive effects of plants in the workplace

More productivity, creativity and less stress? Office plants are not only fun for the interior, they also benefit your health.

Most offices are boring. For example: they have bare and white walls. Would you like to brighten up the room without any paint? That’s possible! All you have to do is buy some plants. You’ll see: in no time there’s nothing left of the boring office.

In addition to the cosiness factor, office plants have many other advantages. How about the air-purifying function that plants have? A function that can certainly be very functional in an office setting. The air-purifying function of plants is really not the only advantage! An office with plants has more advantages than you think.

A homely atmosphere

For most offices, perhaps the main reason for taking plants is: they make an office more cosy. And that’s certainly true! Although plants do more than that.

By adding plants to an office, you create a homely atmosphere. As a result, as an employee, you are more at ease, which ultimately results in less stress. Such a homely office atmosphere is therefore quite useful if you have a job with a lot of work pressure.

Extra oxygen

Do you see your colleagues staring around you every day around four o’clock? This is probably due to the space in which you have been sitting all day. There’s not a bit of clean air left, and all those screens aren’t really conducive either.

At such a moment, office plants can offer a solution! Plants have an air-purifying function. This keeps the humidity in the room in balance. Air-purifying plants also ensure that CO2 is converted into oxygen. Which counteracts the musty air in the office.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? But there is more!

Fewer colleagues with flu

According to a professor of Psychology from Norway, office plants help to reduce absenteeism. With the condition that every employee has at least one plant on his or her desk.

How does that work? The plants that purify the air also ensure that harmful and dirty odours are filtered out. The same goes for bacteria!

By being in the same room all the time, these pathogenic bacteria keep floating around. With a few plants per employee, the chance of encountering such a bacterium at the end of the day is reduced. This ultimately results in less flu-like employees.

Reduced stress in the office

A study by Washington Stake University shows that office plants cause less stress to employees. That is, if you can believe those researchers.

Just looking at a plant reduces the stress level. That level will decrease even further if you actually take care of the plant. You move the stressful thoughts and make way for loving thoughts. This means that you react less stressfully to colleagues and customers. Which means that you also get back less stressful reactions.

15% better productivity

As if less stress were not enough, plants also increase productivity. The productivity can increase by as much as 15% by adding office plants. That is, if we have to believe the researchers.

Creativity and ability to concentrate would also increase by adding office plants. What are you waiting for? Order some green friends online or go the garden centre!

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