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Our favourite hanging plants

Do you live in a small studio? Or are you just looking for a new challenge for your plants? Then the hanging plant is perfect!

Little room in the house? Then we have the perfect solution! How about hanging plants? Often narrow in size, which makes them even more suitable.

Perhaps the best thing is that hanging plants can be hung in so many different ways. We share the best 5 ways to add hanging plants to your interior design.

Macramé plant hanger

The most fun plant pendant is perhaps the macramé plant pendant. Macramé is a technique in which knots and threads form a pattern. They are always knotted by hand. Also nice to try by yourself!

Since the plant pendants are made by hand, you are free to choose the colour of the rope. From white and pink to pitch black. The choice is yours.

An ingenious suspension system

Do you want to show off? Hang a pipe system in the room. You can choose for just one row or several rows. The system allows you to hang plants in the middle of the room. Perhaps such a suspension system is the only way to achieve this. It is certainly not standard/common.

You can make a hanging system yourself by using PVC pipes or planks from the DIY store. Assembling it might be a bit of a difficult job. You’ll have to do something for it!

Hanging flower pots

The easiest way for hanging plants is to use a hanging flower pot. Perfect if you are not really creative. You can buy a hanging flower pot at a hardware store, an interior shop or via a webshop.

To make it even easier for yourself, you can add air plants to the hanging flowerpot. They have no roots and therefore do not need soil and water. However, it is important to spray the air plant once in a while with the plant sprayer. They don’t need any other care.

An air plant is very useful for such an impractical flowerpot. Despite the fact that a hanging pot saves space, it is very difficult to take care of. Watering a hanging plant is quite a job!

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