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A greener planning for a healthy environment

As soon as green surrounds us, the quality of life will improve. However, it seems that greenery is receiving less and less attention. And you can do something about it!

Almost everyone enjoys a green landscape. Although a green area provides more than just a beautiful environment.

The amount of green plants will ultimately have positive consequences for the entire population. Think of health, crime, economic and educational performance.

We know that the greenery that surrounds us, such as parks and gardens, makes a positive contribution to our quality of life. However, it seems that greenery is receiving less and less attention.

The government often faces enormous challenges in terms of progress in the field of local services. Not to mention that the greening of areas still needs to be considered! This can quickly make a green landscape a thing of the past.

The green effect

Plants do not only affect the quality of life. There are many more positive benefits of plants!

Health & Well-being

  • By looking at the green landscape, a significant reduction in stress and anxiety can be achieved within five minutes. This too, can be scientifically proven! We can measure this stress reduction by positive changes in blood pressure, pulse, muscle tension and electrical brain activity.
  • Hospital patients who have a green view seem to feel less pain and recover faster. Remarkable: medium to strong painkillers are requested 25% less in such a green environment.

Climate change

If 10% more trees are added in cities such as Amsterdam, this will prevent a temperature increase of 4 degrees over the next 100 years. By ‘greening’ urban areas there will be a lot of time before the earth’s temperature really rises.

The workplace

  • Plants can help reduce energy costs by 20% to 40% during the summer. The reason for this? Plants provide shelter and shade, which reduces the need for air conditioning.
  • The provision of green areas around a workplace reduces absenteeism due to illness. As much as 23%!


Buildings placed in a well-tended green environment appear to attract 32% fewer crimes.


Attractive gardens and the presence of trees in or near gardens can increase the value of property by 5 to 7%.

From ideas to action

Very nice and good all those positive effects. To really see these positive effects, action is needed. You too can set up a small-scale green action! Even though it is good to have something to hold on to.

It’s hard to get started, but with such a green planning it should work:

  • Step 1: setting up a green policy
  • Step 2: keep track of the figures and effects of green developments
  • Step 3: Evaluate the figures
  • Step 4: improve the results
  • Step 5: creating more green space in the (own) environment
  • Step 6: Keep repeating steps 2 to 5

Then we have only one thing to say. Good luck! And above all, have fun greening the environment.

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