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The autumn trend: an ecosystem

Seeing plants grow, but not doing anything at all for this. Does that sound perfect? Then read on!

It is common knowledge that plants start to hibernate in the autumn. Because of less sunlight a plant has less food. As a result, they grow less and their skin often turns brown. So it’s not exactly cozy!

Another major problem with plants in autumn is root rot.

You are often used to the frequency with which your plants are watered. No problem, but then it is important to actually water less from autumn onwards. Don’t you do this? Then a plant cannot absorb the water. This causes the water to keep wandering around the roots, causing them to rot in the end.

Conclusion? After all, from autumn onwards, plants are less fun. That is, if we are talking about houseplants. Plants in ecosystems fall into a different category. They do grow despite the cold weather. Extra fun! But what is an ecosystem anyway?

Types of ecosystems

To put it simply, an ecosystem is a (often) closed environment in which nature itself takes its course. In the interior world there are two types of ecosystems:

  • A closed ecosystem
  • An open ecosystem

A closed ecosystem

For plant lovers without green fingers, we recommend a closed ecosystem. You don’t have to worry about it. That is, if you do keep the glass clean, of course.

In a closed ecosystem, tropical plants have been added. These plants prefer to live in an environment with high humidity. In terms of sunlight, tropical plants also have few requirements. Preferably no direct sunlight, but when they get some light they are satisfied.

In addition to the plants, a small amount of water has been added. With a little bit we mean really little. Three small syringes with a plant sprayer are sufficient.

As soon as the lid or cap is put on the glass jar, you won’t have to worry about it anymore. The small amount of water will automatically condense, which is food for the plants. The plants will automatically emit this moisture again. Because of this, the small amount of water in the closed environment is simply reused. Ideal!

An open ecosystem

Despite the fact that an ecosystem regulates itself, this is not entirely the case with an open ecosystem. Water is needed, but in such small quantities that you don’t even realise it.

An open ecosystem usually contains succulents and cacti. These plants store water in their roots, leaves and the rest of their plant. This allows them to support themselves for a longer period of time.

Put the succulents and cacti together in a sandy potting soil. They prefer to stand in a spot with enough sunlight, but semi-shade is also fine. The requirements of these plants are so minimal that you don’t have to do much for them. The plants will take care of it themselves. The only thing they ask for is a little bit of water every now and then.

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