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7 tips to use your terrace in winter

As soon as it rains, you probably don’t think about sitting outside. Even though it can be wonderful: a breath of fresh air.

The shorts weather is over. It gets colder and colder and days get shorter. Most of the time we stay inside to enjoy a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

Yet even in the cold months you can sit outside in the fresh air. Not only cosy, but also good for your health!

1. A good preparation

Do you want to enjoy the terrace warmly and also have a good view? Then prepare your garden for the winter! You can also add hardy plants to the terrace that can take a beating.

You can quickly make a terrace cosy with plants. Unfortunately, not all plants are suitable for autumn or winter. There are also plants that will look bare during these cold months.

You will soon brighten up your terrace with plants that are suitable for autumn and winter:

  • Fuchsia ‘David’
  • Winter Heath (Erica Carnea)
  • Carnation
  • Gaultheria Procumbens
  • Succulent plants such as the Sempervivum

Plants don’t just provide fun. They absorb moisture. This makes the terrace less damp. This makes it easier to heat the terrace.

2. Choose a warm and cozy decoration

Make sure the place you’re sitting on doesn’t feel cold. You can easily solve this by choosing a blanket over the seat. You can also add cushions to dress the whole thing warmer.

In addition to blankets and pillows, you can also add candles to the room. Not only good for the atmosphere! Despite the fact that candles are very small, they do give off heat. A decorative and budget-friendly solution!

Adding a rug on the ground is also very good against cold. Often the cold stays in the ground, so that the room does not heat up very quickly. This is actually just like with feet! Once feet are cold, it is difficult to get it completely warm.

By placing a rug on the ground, you make sure that the ground is protected against the worst cold. This makes it easier to heat up the room.

Make sure that the blankets, rugs and pillows are weatherproof. If you have an open terrace, it is better to bring in the pillows and blankets when you don’t use them.

3. Provide an enclosed terrace

What kind of terrace do you have? An enclosed terrace? Then you already have an advantage in terms of coldness! An enclosed terrace also attracts less dust than an open terrace.

Do you currently have an open terrace? It may be a good idea to install glass sliding doors or windows on both sides. This way you have the possibility to close an open terrace.

When it comes to decoration, glass can also be useful. This gives you a lot more possibilities to decorate. The glass provides better protection against cold and wet weather conditions.

4. Place an open fire or stove

The most logical way to heat a terrace is with a fireplace or a stove. Even with an open terrace, the heat from an open fire or stove can heat up the space well.

You can easily turn on the stove on the spot and sit close to it. Depending on the type of stove, the room will be well heated within half an hour.

Besides the fact that a fireplace or stove provides warmth, this is also very cosy. Also decorative, the stove scores a lot of points!

5. Use heaters

An advantage of a heater is that it does not need to be attached. You can buy a standing heater with a gas cylinder.

In addition, a heater has the advantage that they have a uniform and fast heat dissipation. Maybe this is the simplest solution to be able to use a terrace during cold days!

6. Install an electric fire

No matter how cosy and warm a fireplace or stove is, it’s not environmentally friendly. In order to not pollute the environment even more, you can opt for an electric fire.

Maybe less atmospheric, but easier to maintain. And less dangerous for children and/or pets of course!

Electric fireplaces do not need an air inlet. If the terrace is closed, the electric fire will not suffocate.

When it comes to the design of the electric fire, there is more and more choice. There are different shapes and sizes. So there are plenty of options!

7. Have underfloor heating installed

Perhaps not the most obvious solution: underfloor heating. If you have an enclosed terrace, you can also use underfloor heating. This works on a larger surface area, which provides an entire area with heat. Underfloor heating even allows you to sit or lie on the floor for optimal warmth.

Despite the fact that it is a fairly good solution, the costs are unfortunately somewhat on the high side.

These were our tips! Maybe unfortunately not every tip applies to you, but certainly the first tip is easy and cheap to implement.

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