DIY: Stenciled Shower Curtain using Drop Cloth

April 16, 2013

DIY: Stenciled Shower Curtain Using Drop Cloth Material - super simple & inexpensive to create! @Jenna_Burger,

I hope you're having a wonderful week so far.  Now that I'm coming off my amazing moment high and getting back into my DIY groove, I'm excited to show you the new stenciled shower curtain panel that I recently made for the kids bathroom. You may have seen a sneak peak of the shower curtain a few weeks ago when I shared some Spring updates.  A few of you even commented saying you loved the color choice (I do too). It's bright. It's bold. It's an eye-catcher... ...And I made it myself.  It was super easy, inexpensive, and something you can absolutely do too! The materials I … [Read more...]

Monogrammed Fabric Coasters

December 1, 2011


I had a lot of fun creating the Holiday placemats a few weeks ago and when I started thinking about gift ideas for Christmas, an idea came to mind to create fabric coasters.  I had made a set for myself a while ago that sit in my living room, and they perfectly coordinate with the matching pillows.  At the same time of having this gift idea, I received a box in the mail from Plaid to try out their silk screening kit.  I originally had intended on making t-shirts, but my idea didn't pan out as planned (more on that later)... Instead, I decided to monogram the backs of the fabric coasters.  … [Read more...]

DIY: How to Stencil & Review of Cutting Edge Stencils

June 17, 2011

Before Stenciling

Sometimes (actually most of the time) going into a project, I never know what the result will be.  Because most of my projects are real experiments - - that's why I call my home, My Experimental Playground - - I'm always a little scared "in the moment" anticipating a complete fail (which there have been many).  WELL...  the result of my latest project was surprisingly amazing. I LOVE IT (now)!  Yet, during the process, was a complete different story.... A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about my love for stenciling and how it's the new "wallpaper". In that post I made mention of a company, … [Read more...]