Decorating with Leaning + Ladder Shelves

March 24, 2014


Within the past two months, I've purchased 4 leaning shelves (a.k.a. ladder shelves). Obsessed? No. Great for storage? Affordable? Open + Airy?  Yes. For the same reason, I've been loving leaning shelves as of late, I've got my clients hooked too and I'd like to share with you why leaning shelves work so well for any room in the home. Any style shelf gives height to the room. Most pieces of furniture (tables, sofa, chair, bed, etc) aren't higher than 30/36" off the floor, which often leaves pictures / artwork to be the only source of height in a room.  As much as it's important to … [Read more...]

Imperfectly Perfect Vintage-Style ‘Dreams’ Quote Sign

March 7, 2014


Happy Friday!  I have a fun, imperfectly perfect project to share with you today.  Imperfectly perfect?  Yup, just as it sounds.  It's imperfect and that means it's perfect.  Sometimes something that is imperfect is better than perfect.  Ok, enough perfect / imperfect...  Let me just show you my latest creation that was quick and easy to create, and simply perfect (hehe, there is is again) for our family... - dreams will lead to your destiny - This month Lowe's put the Creative Team to the challenge of creating a project using the Color of the Year Radiant Orchid.  An intense color, … [Read more...]

Master Makeover Plan of Attack

February 3, 2014


Plan of Attack. Sounds Scary...  That's because it is. Once the new year hit, I knew I wanted to get my butt into gear with making the finally changes to the master bedroom.  Not major changes, but a good freshening up! For some reason, the master, is always the messiest, drop space filled with piles clothes - mostly clean, half folded, half not - paper, and just a whole lotta of stuff.  Basically everything a bedroom, a place of quiet, shouldn't be.  My attack was to finish it with a goal NOT to let it get to that point any more. I started a makeover on the master a few years ago, … [Read more...]

I Did It: Better Homes and Gardens Feature

December 16, 2013


I'm over the moon to share some exciting news with you.  First though, it can't go without saying that I find it truly incredible how one's life and journey evolves over time.  For me, I have put so much time and effort into my passion for design and inspiration, and I have been incredibly blessed with unimaginable opportunities - opportunities that have exceeded hopes and dreams.  By being open minded (somewhat) and following my destined path, I have been given, rewarded, and I am ever so grateful. On to my exciting news...  I don't even know where to begin or how to start, so here I … [Read more...]

The Start of the Next Room Remodel. The Foyer.

September 13, 2013

Inspirational Elements for my Foyer Remodel

Now that the kids are back in school and home life is somewhat back on a regular routine, I'm psyched to start tackling my next big room remodel.  This past Spring it was the powder room that got an overhaul, and now I'm ready for something else.  The space coming up is adjacent to the powder room.  Can you guess what it is???  Twist. Twist. Ok, I'll tell you.  It's the foyer.  It's had many lives over the past 4 years, but it's ready for another.  And it all revolves around this... This piece of gorgeousness (that I was reluctant to buy but many of you on instagram encouraged me to … [Read more...]

Creating a Meaningful Home: Infarrantly Creative

June 3, 2013

Create a Meaningful Home: Beckie of Infarrantly Creative gives us a tour of how she has thoughtfully created a meaningful home. See the entire series at

Today’s guest post for the Creating a Meaningful Home Blog Series is Beckie of Infarrantly Creative, Knock Off Décor and Roadkill Rescue. Welcome Beckie… ******************* Hello SAS Interior fans. I am Beckie from Infarrantly Creative, Knock Off Décor and Roadkill Rescue. I am loving this series about creating a meaningful home. This whole concept is something I am very passionate about. I want my home to be more than a pretty place. I want it to be a haven for my family, an open door for friends and a place of warmth and love for all who enter. Here are some of the principles that I think … [Read more...]

Creating a Meaningful Home: Setting for Four

May 31, 2013

Create a Meaningful Home: Heather of Setting for Four gives us a tour of how she has thoughtfully created a meaningful home. See the entire series at

Today’s guest post for the Creating a Meaningful Home Blog Series is Heather of Setting for Four. Welcome Heather… ******************* Hello SAS Interiors readers!  I’m Heather from Setting for Four where I share my home decor projects, DIY’s, crafts and recipes. I’m so excited to be participating today in Jenna’s fabulous blog series ‘Creating a Meaningful Home’! A meaningful home can have many definitions... for me a meaningful home is having a home that nurtures, provides my family with emotional security, and is a place to connect with ourselves, our extended family and friends! A … [Read more...]

Happenings on the Homestead: Spring

May 28, 2013

Happenings on the Homestead: Spring -

It's Tuesday morning, the long Memorial Day weekend is over, and I'm reflecting on all the things we've been up to on the homestead lately.  I realized it's been a long time since my last Happenings on the Homestead.  I like HotH because it gives a little inside peak into what's been happening and what the family has been up to - on the homestead, of course. We've had some fun over the past few weekends (if you're an instagram fan, you probably already know), but... ... we've also been hard-at-work. Since we've come out of winter hibernation, we've been nonstop working on the … [Read more...]

Powder Room Remodel: Repairing Wall and Hanging Wallpaper

May 14, 2013


Between baseball, a birthday party, and celebrating Mother's Day (shout out to all the moms out there - hope you had a great day), there was very little time to actually get anything major accomplished on the DIY homefront this weekend.  BUT, somehow with 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there, I was able to squeeze in a few trips to Lowe's (for supplies) and a few moments to hang wallpaper.  And thankfully with those spare moments, I actually got alot done and I feel like I'm making progress - even though it's slow. Since announcing the plans for the powder room and sharing details on the … [Read more...]

Joss and Main Color Splash Curator Collection is LIVE

March 17, 2013

Joss and Main Curator Collection featureing is LIVE NOW!

The moment is finally here. My Color Splash Curator Collection for Joss and Main is LIVE! Now is your time to stock up on beautiful, colorful decor for your home.  From rugs to accessories, from lanterns to poufs, the Collection is filled with personally-chosen gorgeous decor that will rock your interior. With this Collection being my third for Joss and Main, I truly worked hard at choosing items that convey my love for color.  Not only do I feel color makes a space feel alive, and in turn will make you happy, but I feel that it gives a room (and even more so your overall home) … [Read more...]