Master Bedroom Refresh {REVEAL}

February 26, 2014


The master bedroom refresh is finally complete. I've been sharing most, if not all, of the steps along the way and it's been an exciting journey.  I'm thrilled with the result and today I'm ready to share all the nooks + crannies of the room.  Ready? Let's go... Where it all began... The Creative Vision Board.  The idea + direction for the master bedroom refresh... The bedroom took on a new life with an inexpensive upgrade to the bed wall.  Before, all of the walls with the exception of the bed wall, were painted Berkshire Beige when we moved into the house.  The bed wall was … [Read more...]

Master Bedroom: Picture Gallery Wall

February 24, 2014

Master Bedroom Refresh {REVEAL} : Room transformation with inexpensive solutions + DIY projects!  You will surely be INSPIRED!

One topic on the blog that I've shared inspiration on the most times, have received the most pins, and gets the most questions + comments, is creating a gallery wall. Gallery walls are one of my most favorite design elements in a home because it tells so much.  Whether putting together a collection of a few large black and white family photos or creating a wall from wall edge to wall edge filled with colorful instagram images + momentos from your travels, a gallery wall is an expression of who you and your family are; truly the most important part of creating a meaningful home. As the … [Read more...]

Ideas for Breaking Up Matching Furniture

February 21, 2014


Pushing the limits and ditching the "rules" of decorating can sometimes be tough.  And even as a designer, I've fallen victim to "not following the rules". But honestly, what rules? There are no real decorating rules that must be followed to a T.   Instead I have tried to train myself and in turn share suggestions + ideas with you, my readers,  rules of thumb, helpful tips + tricks, and inspiration, but definitely no must-follow-these-rules-or-you're-wrong. Why?  Because no house is the same. Because no 2 people have the same feeling of what's most important to them. Because every … [Read more...]

Seven Series: Capiz Shell Chandeliers

February 19, 2014


Is it really Wednesday already?  With the kids off for winter break this week, the days have been flying by.  Plus I've been putting the final touches on the master bedroom and have started working on the kids room.  I even was busy over the weekend with a big build project (here is a picture peak). Before sharing another update on the rooms, I put together a collection of my favorite capiz shell chandeliers for another 7 series feature.  Last week I showcased my latest DIY creation and how I created a hanging fixture using a capiz shell fixture from World Market.  It gives the most … [Read more...]

A Simple Idea for Customizing Store Bought Curtain Panels

February 11, 2014


After more work this past weekend on the master bedroom, I can say it's almost done and I couldn't be happier with the overall refresh. Everything in the space has been upcycled, repurposed, or DIYed, so essentially little $$$ (money) has been spent on jazzing it up - that's my favorite kind of room makeover. Today, I'm going to share the details on the new window curtain panels.  Now, you know I went darker with the focal wall, so that meant the layers in the space needed to go lighter to create balance and contrast. I found pretty, but basic cream-colored solid velvet rod pocket … [Read more...]

Desk Makeover using Make Your Own Chalk Finish Paint

February 7, 2014


OK, so let me start off by saying, THIS. IS. MY. FAVORITE. FURNITURE. TRANSFORMATION. yet And the kicker is, I have a lot of furniture purging planned for the Spring and this desk was on the to-go list.  Can you believe I was going to sell this beauty?! Here's the before and after + a few closeup shots.  I'll share the details of the transformation on the other side... Pretty crazy that it's the same piece, right?!  And I am in love with the color. So this month's Lowe's challenge for the Creative Team was to create / transform something using make your own chalk finish paint.  … [Read more...]

The Dark Side: Choosing a Contrasting Paint Color

February 5, 2014


I've entered the dark side and I am thrilled about it. For me the cross over was easy because I love everything dark. Ok, where do I go with that now???  Well anyway, I'm not talking about the real dark side (even though my kids have seen me there once or twice + they love Star Wars), but instead I'm referring to the dark side of the color wheel.  On Monday, I shared my plan of attack for the bedroom and today I'm dishing on the details. For my master bedroom refresh, I wanted to achieve a stronger contrast between the headboard fabric and the wall color.  The headboard was … [Read more...]

Master Makeover Plan of Attack

February 3, 2014


Plan of Attack. Sounds Scary...  That's because it is. Once the new year hit, I knew I wanted to get my butt into gear with making the finally changes to the master bedroom.  Not major changes, but a good freshening up! For some reason, the master, is always the messiest, drop space filled with piles clothes - mostly clean, half folded, half not - paper, and just a whole lotta of stuff.  Basically everything a bedroom, a place of quiet, shouldn't be.  My attack was to finish it with a goal NOT to let it get to that point any more. I started a makeover on the master a few years ago, … [Read more...]

Gallery Wall Ideas to Transform Any Room

January 27, 2014


Is it really Monday again?  I'm so not ready.  I had a busy weekend tackling a minor room revamp... the master... again.  I'm FINALLY trying to finish it this time instead of going half way and stopping.  It's coming along nicely and I'll share more on that this week - promise.  The kids room is at a standstill, but I chose a color for the walls - that's progress {I guess}.  It's a fairly light hue {so not me}.  I'm not entirely convinced it's the right choice.  Here's a peak.  Thoughts? Anyway...  while the major work on the master is done, I'm starting to think about the walls.  I think a … [Read more...]

22 Creative + Clever Shared Bedroom Ideas for Kids

January 22, 2014


I hope you're having a fabulous + fun week so far.  Some of your got blasted with the "polar vortex" (a little dramatic I think), but bizarrely where we live in upstate NY, we got skunked.  Anyway, no complaints here since we are dealing with -10 temps.  When is Spring coming???  Anyway, earlier this week I shared my plan for the bedroom space that I am designing for my kids since the news of baby#3.  The shift of spaces is pretty big news (in our house) and even though I got some grumbles from the peanut gallery, I think (overall) both of them are happy with the direction. Also in my plan … [Read more...]