The Nitty Gritty Details of the Home Office / Family Room

February 14, 2013

Resources for Products in my Home Office / Family Room space by @Jenna_Burger,

What a week - it's flown by for me.  How about you?  I can't believe it's Thursday already (and Valentine's Day - Happy Vday).  I've probably been too consumed with reading all of your sweet, kind, and awesome comments from Tuesday's reveal post to even look up and see what day it is - hehe. Honestly though, you all are so nice and your heartfelt words meant alot.  My newly created home office / family room is such a special spot and I'm thrilled you think so too (other than the few people who wrote and thought I was crazy for covering up a window with a bookcase.  I live here and the room … [Read more...]

A Newly Designed Home Office / Family Room

February 12, 2013

Creative Ideas for designing a Home Office / Family Room. Giant Inspiration Board by @Jenna_Burger via

It's REVEAL day! If you saw yesterday's post, you read all about the evolution (and the juice backstory details) about how this space has been in transition for the last 3 years.   Since that's outta the way, we can get right to the good stuff...  The fun and exciting 'after' pictures. Some of the elements in the space are new (not much, but a few), but many have been repurposed or are DIY creations, which I will be sharing over the upcoming weeks. But let's get right to it.  My newly designed home office / family room... And just so you remember, this is the before... I … [Read more...]

The Evolution of the Home Office / Family Room : The Backstory

February 11, 2013

Home Office / Family Room Evolution

I hope you had a fabulous weekend!  For the past few weeks, we were surprisingly teased with seeing lots of exposed grass, but then got hit with 'Nemo' this past weekend.  Thankfully we were spared with only about 6" (nothing out of the ordinary for us), while others not too far away got hammered.  While shoveling out and spending some time indoors over the weekend, I finally had the chance to put the finishing touches on my combination home office / family room space.  With it not being too sunny or too overcast, it thankfully was the perfect time to photograph. I haven't shared much about … [Read more...]

Top Paint Picks for Navy Blue Walls

June 28, 2012

Top Navy Colors

Yesterday I shared my Royal Blue Revelation and how I've been introducing this new-found hue into my home. I'm kinda psyched because not only is this color going to be an accent seen in accessories, but I plan on painting the front room a dark navy.  Yesterday I left you at the point of me knee-deep in color decisions, and today I'm sharing the final color choice, plus my Top Color Picks for Navy Blue Walls. I've always had a thing for black spaces - they're bold, dramatic, and striking - but I'm loving the navy hue just as much (and maybe even better)!  I've gathered some inspirational … [Read more...]