How To Upcycle: Successful Tips for Changing Old Items into Creative Home Decor

February 1, 2013

How to Upcycle: Successful Tips for Changing Old Items into Home Decor via @Jenna_Burger,

One of my all-time favorite ways to save money and bring elements into my home that have purpose and meaning is with upcycling, a.k.a. reusing / repurposing an item into another use or function. I've upcycled a lot of things around my home and shared the process and result on the blog, like my recent light to vase switch-aroo! Not only can you save $$$ in your pocket, but upcycling allows you to create something that is original and one-of-a-kind.  Yes, you may have to think outside the box a bit, but in the end I'm sure you'll be happy with the result. Since upcycling so many items … [Read more...]

4 Upcycling Ideas for the Home

December 14, 2011


I'm taking a little break today from Holiday posts and instead sharing a guest post with you from Jeremy of Easy Appliance Parts.  He has some great insight and ideas to share on upcycling typical items around the house.   How you design the interior of your home is a major factor in making your home more attractive and peaceful. One method to add to your design plan is upcycling. Instead of going to a furniture or home decor store, you can repurpose everyday items for interior design. Upcycling is not only a cool way to spruce up your interior, it creates a real design statement. … [Read more...]