Creating a Meaningful Home: Todays Creative Blog

June 10, 2013

Creating a Meaningful Home-016

Today’s guest post for the Creating a Meaningful Home Blog Series is Kim of Today's Creative Blog. Welcome Kim… ******************* Hey everyone, I'm so thrilled that Jenna asked me to share in this series. I'm Kim! You can find me over at Today's Creative Blog where I blog about anything and everything creative. Like you, I love cultivating a creative lifestyle. Sometimes living that quest often breeds the desire to have everything perfect! I know I suffer from that and since I don't have a magic wand, an unlimited budget, the skills or the time needed for things I want changed, I'm … [Read more...]

5 Ingredient Apple Dumplings

September 26, 2011

Apple Dumplings

Happy Monday!  To start off the week, I wanted to share a yummy Fall recipe that I know you will enjoy. As a family, one of our favorite Fall things to do is apple picking!  After along day of picking apples, we always leave with plenty of filled bags. It's a family tradition that we love, but once we arrive home, our countertops are overloaded with basketfuls of these tasty treats.  After eating apples day in and day out, we're at a loss for what to do with them.  After our excursion to the farm last weekend, I searched for apple recipes on Pinterest and found this delicious treat.  I … [Read more...]