DIY: Outdoor Pallet Sofa

June 20, 2013

A Summer Essential for the patio or deck: an Outdoor Pallet Sofa - Easy to make and costs less than 5 dollars!

Despite the drear weather lately, the deck decor is coming together! We power washed, we prepped, we stained, we built... outdoor pallet sofa! It is heaven.  Take a look (or just come on over to enjoy...) And guess what's the best part?  It cost less than $5. Thankfully pallets are readily available in our neck of the woods (for free).  I usually snag mine from the back of my local Lowe's - thanks Lowe's, you're the best! After staining the deck, I knew I wanted something nice and comfy to fill the space right outside of our dining room slider.  It used to look like … [Read more...]

DIY: Pallet Picture Holder

November 6, 2012


Just last week I finished up a really cute project for a client (which I was super close to keeping, but she was glad I didn't) and I'm excited to share it with you today! I've been making my way through the huge stash of pallets that I've had stored in the garage for quite some time.  Pallets are great for projects like this when you're looking for a distressed, worn result and want to spend little (or no) money. Most pallets, a.k.a. shipping crates, have already been used-and-abused, so they are easy to dismantle and start upcycling. When finishing up the final details on this clients … [Read more...]