From Wood to White: How-To Paint Mouldings

September 6, 2012


If I could sum up my Summer in DIY terms, it was all about painting. From the staircase to my office chair, from the white shelves to the new blue room, I think there was 2 (or maybe even 3) weeks straight that I had a paintbrush in-hand everyday!  Honestly, I'm kind of sick done with painting for awhile. Anyway, alot of projects got accomplished and one in particular were the oak stained wood mouldings that I painted white.  All I can say is...  WHAT A DIFFERENCE! The staircase project was what did it and started the process of updating the mouldings.  It's something that I wanted to … [Read more...]

Paint Tricks, Tips, and Techniques

October 24, 2011

Paint Techniques-9

I love PAINT!  Whether it be regular paint, spray paint, or craft paint, paint can dramatically change and transform any room or piece of furniture.  With my many painting endevours, I have learned a few tricks and tips along the way, and now I want to share them with YOU!   Tip 1 There is never a time when you’re painting that you’ll be done with the brush or roller after your first coat.  Either you need to take a break OR you are waiting for the paint to dry. Before I discovered this all-time favorite paint trick, I washed my brush/roller with water EVERY TIME to avoid it from … [Read more...]

Paint Series Roundup!

May 16, 2011

Paint Tips & Techniques

I hope you had a fabulous weekend.  I was quite the busy bee over the last two days and can't wait to share the MANY projects that I've been working on! Before that though, I thought a recap of last week's Paint Series was a must. At some point throughout your life, I am sure you picked up a paint brush or roller.  Well, have you?? And if not, I know you will sometime in the future!  Do you know what brush is best for your project? Do you know what paint sheen is appropriate for what room? And how much paint do you actually need? All these questions and MUCH MORE were … [Read more...]

Paint Tips & Techniques: Essential Painting Tools

May 13, 2011

Sherwin Williams Paint Visualizer

What a great week it has been, plus a much better can it get?!  To round out the SAS Interiors Paint Week, I'm going back...Way Back... to these posts.  Let's take a look at these oldies, but goodies ~ Aside from estimating how much paint is needed, what paint is best to use, and what brush/roller is best for the project, you NEED to actually choice a color.  And what better tool to use, than this: Sherwin Williams created this amazing tool ~ a Paint Visualizer, where you can upload a picture of your space and virtually see your room with other paint colors. When … [Read more...]

Paint Tips & Techniques: Estimating How Much Paint is Needed for a Room

May 9, 2011


Painting your home opens up a wonder of possibilities to express who you are and bring life to your space.  With the ability to add color, and even possibly be daring with the color that you choose, paint can bring life to your decorating vision. After you've chosen your new hue, whether it be cranberry in the living room or caramel in the kitchen, you want to make sure you have all the supplies and tools before starting.  This is key to a successful paint job!  And to start off you need to know how much paint you'll need, right?!  So.... How much paint will I need for my space? To … [Read more...]