Getting Organized with ClosetMaid Closet Solutions + Giveaway

April 10, 2013

Need inexpensive closet storage solution?  Check out the new organizer line by ClosetMaid exclusively at Target

Organization is the bane of my existence. I love order. I love neatness. But often behind-the-scenes (a.k.a. inside the closets), order & neatness are not typical. Somehow with 2 kids, a busy husband, a cat, and an active work schedule, things pile up and all of a sudden before I know it, I'm overwhelmed with stuff.  I try to be conscious of only keeping what's essential, but it's often easier said than done. In the midst of my Spring cleaning frenzy - out with the old, ClosetMaid reached out to me with an exciting new product coming out called Closet Solutions which hit the … [Read more...]

How-To Make a GIANT Inspiration Board

February 26, 2013

HUGE, Giant Inspiration Board created by @Jenna_Burger,

Pinterest is a favorite for many (including me) who want to organize and keep their online inspiration in one place. As a visual person though, I feel there is nothing like seeing and holding a picture in hand.  I still buy and subscribe to magazines.  I still tear out pictures and reference them when looking for inspiration. Until recently, I didn't have a "place", a specific go-to spot, for all my collected loves. I needed something! Thus the creation of my mega, giant, humongous, and amazing inspiration board... I am in heaven.  This newly created inspiration board is not only … [Read more...]

DIY: Glass Jar Pen Holder using a Pipe Clamp

January 17, 2013

Simple DIY Glass Jar Pen Holder using a one dollar pipe clamp! Super easy to create & can be used anywhere around the house!

Are you ready for a super easy project (from start to finish it took 5 minutes) that can be used all throughout the house and cost pennies to create? I knew you would be! My revamped central command center has put our family on the right path to an organized year (I'm crossing my fingers it'll stay that way).  You've all loved it which I'm completely psyched about and today I'm back sharing the easy step-by-steo on how I created the new glass jar holders hanging on the wall.  It's super simple, so let's get started! The one big annoyance with the old CCC was the lack of pen and … [Read more...]

DIY: Personalized Dry Erase Calendar

August 23, 2011

Central Command Center_11

Last week I shared some inspirational ideas on creating a Central Command Center, as well as my new CCC spot.  One of the features in my newly organized space is the personalized dry-erase calendar that I made.  I had previously purchased a dry-erase board from Tar-Jay, but it was just too small to write all the activities and notes to keep my family on track for the month ahead. We needed something that had space for our daily schedule, as well as a place for notes, like: bring books to the library by Tuesday or pick up the dry cleaning after 6 on Friday or don't forget to buy … [Read more...]

Skateboard Shelves

February 17, 2011


I've been meaning to install shelves in my son's room for awhile, but wanted to do something unique and different.  At four years old, he has SO many interests, but one of his favorites is skateboarding.  So when recently putting the finishing touches on his "space", I thought making shelves out of skateboards would be the perfect addition! Real skateboard decks can start out around $40+ and there was no way I was purchasing shelves for that amount (I admit, I am frugal)! THANKFULLY, I stumbled upon these mini skateboards at Five Below and just like the name of the store, they were $5.  … [Read more...]

Having fun ORGANIZING!

October 5, 2010

This is going to sound SO unromantic, but for my wedding anniversary that is coming up soon, I asked for my present to be shelving...(YES, I said shelving), meaning organization for my closets.  How horrible, right?!? We moved into our home less than a year ago, and the shelving in most of the closets of our builder-style home, is just one wire shelf set about 5' above the floor.  That certainly doesn't provide much shelving to store or hang anything!!  So away we went to Home Depot to buy shelving.  Of course, I would have LOVED to have had a closet company come install beautiful wood … [Read more...]