Project Fail Turned Success: Lampshade Makeover

October 17, 2011


Some projects are smooth sailing the entire way, like this, and some are NOT! From the get-go this project was just fail, fail, fail - it had FAIL written all over it.  BUT once I put my "thinking cap" on, things made a little turn for the better.  The result? have to read on to find out how ~ To give you a peak, this is the end result, but it took some time getting here (to say the least). The story begins in a far away castle with a princess searching for a crowned jewel garage with a DIYer attempting to revamp a lampshade. I felt like our front room (a.k.a. … [Read more...]

Lamp reVamp

September 9, 2011

Lamp reVamp

Yesterday, I was thrilled to be a guest blogger over at Living With Lindsay sharing a How-to on Rewiring a Lamp.  My lamp purchase for $1 has made quite the transformation!  Here's a pictorial of the process~ After teaching myself how to change the "guts" of this lamp, it needed a little accessorizing.  By changing the color and topping it off with a new lampshade, this old garage sale trash became a gorgeous treasure.  Lately, I've really been into cooler tones of blues and grays, so upon being inspired by this lamp, I decided on a subtle light blue hue in a glossy finish. Perfect … [Read more...]