Trash To Treasure: Upcycled Light To Vase

January 30, 2013

Trash to Treasure: Upcycled Light to Vase created by @Jenna_Burger,

Sometimes the most unlikely objects can turn from trash to treasure. As we've been changing the light fixtures throughout our home over the last 3 years (I'm pretty sure every. single. one. has now been updated), most went straight to the curb.  A few weekends ago when the last old, brassy light came down in the upstairs hallway, it was half way to the trash, until I had a thought... Could I upcycle it into something else?  But what?? A cloak?  Another light?  A vase?  Should I spray paint it or leave it brass?  Lots of thoughts were brewing. Of course, I forgot to take a pick of … [Read more...]

The Power Struggle of Color Versus Neutral

January 20, 2012


I often struggle with what I like better... Neutrals, Via Or Colors. Via I enjoy a soft and serene oasis, Via but I also like a bold statement. Via I like tone-on-tone and quiet hues, Via but I also like to be daring. Via I like soft fabrics and subtle textures, Via but I also like vibrant, contrasting bursts of color. Via Why choose?  I just need to accept that I like it all! There's always a happy medium. Do you struggle with keeping a space neutral or adding color? What do you prefer - Neutrals or Color? … [Read more...]

25 Gorgeous Nursery Spaces

January 18, 2012


We're at the point with our family, that we'll soon be saying adiós, a.k.a ba-bye, to my little girls crib and "nursery".  She's almost at the age for a big girl bed (trying to hold back the tears), and as I am excited to make some changes to her room, I kind of wish she could stay in her crib forever.  In trying to hold on to every last bit of her baby years, I thought it would be fun to check out some nursery spaces.  Nurseries are one of my favorite rooms to design.  Not only is it important to many new parents because it's the first space for their bundle of joy to rest their head, but … [Read more...]

Operation Christmas Cleanup and Reorganization

December 30, 2011


Christmas hasn't been over for half a second and what am I doing?  Taking everything down, putting all the decorations away, and organizing.  I think this is the earliest I've ever put away the seasonal decor, but as soon as the clock struck midnight on the eve of the 26th, my mind was in reorganization mode.  How bad am I?? I wasn't going to dare mention or speak a word of putting away the Christmas decor till after the New Year because my hub would have a cow, but I quickly asked him on Wednesday night and he said, "ya sure".  I think I caught him at the right moment while watching some … [Read more...]

The Parallels of Fashion and Interiors

June 21, 2011


Fashion is continually influencing the styles and trends that we incorporate into our homes.  From texture to fit to color, the parallels of fashion and interiors are uncanny. Looking at the rainbow of beautiful colors, let's enjoy the similarities between how we dress ourselves and how we dress our homes. Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple What's your favorite color? I'll be linking this post up to the Blogger Block Blog Party hosted by Jenn of Green Door Designs. I'm looking forward to seeing your link ups on Thursday when I host Summer … [Read more...]

Make a Statement in your Space

April 25, 2011

Make a statement in your space. Be adventurous by adding a focal point to your room. Whether it be a vibrant paint color, a piece of unique artwork, a vintage piece of furniture, or a bold fabric, making a statement can change the entire look of a space. It's the center feature that everything else in the room is chosen around. Adding the accent color of orange (the throw, the terra cot pots, the artwork), makes this room POP! As the name implies, a statement piece is the 'statement' of your space. Your statement piece does not need to be crazy or bold; it can be as … [Read more...]

Spring has Sprung: Yellow Inspiration

April 13, 2011

yellow interiors_1

The windows are open, The birds are chirping, The daffodils are blooming... I think I can say, with delight, that Spring has officially Sprung (finally! ...Pux Phil was completely wrong on this years spring arrival prediction!) .  The last few days have been amazing, and even though the snow is not completely gone (from my yard), I think it will be very soon!   That being said, let's soak up the sun, and be inspired by some hints of yellow to add to your decor.  Whether it be a little or a lot, yellow is so cheery! Isn't it??  It truly brightens up the day. ENJOY! Yellow paired … [Read more...]

Classic Chevron with a Twist

March 10, 2011


Each year, I am so intrigued how patterns and textures go in and out of style.  It's amazing to see "old  things" come alive with a new twist. My latest love is the chevron pattern.  It's simple, yet sophisticated layout has been around for years seen in architecture and textiles, and after if was down and out for awhile, it's back and better than ever!  With it's recent return, the "new" chevron is more modern and bold, taking on a life of it's own and making quite the statement.  Let's have a look ~ The chevron pattern can complement many decor styles. Is funky and … [Read more...]

Garden Stools for your Decor

February 16, 2011


The next few days are going to be a sweet treat with the tease of some warmer weather making a visit...yes, 40 degrees is considered warm this time of year in the ADKs.  Thoughts of playing outside and endless days of soaking up the sun, are brewing in my head.   Lately, I've been giving a lot of thought to new landscaping ideas and gathering gardening tips that I plan on implementing once the snow has long melted away (hopefully soon). With gardening on the brain, I started thinking about the ever so popular, gardening stools or sometimes known as drum tables.  Once considered for use only in … [Read more...]