Simplify Gardening with The Gro Project

May 16, 2013

Miracle Gro's The Gro Project: Simplifying gardening for a whole new class of gardeners.  Gardening can actually be fun and enjoyable!

This post brought to you by Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine. I've been known to say once or twice that I've been dealt a black thumb {urban dictionary definition: A wannabe gardener who kills plants. Opposite of green thumb}.  That kinda sounds like me.  Sadly, my gardening prowess is far from A+. Yet, with each Spring that rolls around, I feel the drive and excitement to keep trying in hopes to one day have a gorgeous garden + a bright green gleaming thumb.  At the moment, with each sprouting bud, a thought of accomplishment passes through with a little mental, … [Read more...]

15 Inspirational Outdoor Spaces

April 10, 2012


Since the first 50 degree+ day a few weeks ago, I have been non-stop trying to tackle outdoor projects.  The Mister and I have been hard at work the last 3 weekends, transforming our side yard which has been in need of TLC since we moved in.  Two weeks ago we had about 15 trees removed (something that we couldn't DIY since they were 40-60' feet high) and ever since, we have been clearing out overgrown shrubs & debris. Our overall vision is to create a grassed area with a garden for some flowers & veggies, as well as a patio and seating area.  A LOT still needs to be done, but in the … [Read more...]