How to Decorate a Mantel

October 26, 2011


Many of you know that I'm a Pinterest junkie.  From recipes to photography to gardening, anything and everything you could want to know about is on this amazing site.  Of course, for me, my #1 search is usually home decor and DIY.  The other day I stumbled upon this great pictorial on how to decorate a Mantel.  I'm sure you know the expression, a picture means a thousand words, and this image certainly says it all.  Through the words in my blog, I'm forever looking for ways to inspire you to create a haven of your own, well this is it! original image via and via When starting to decorate … [Read more...]

Fireplace Series 5: Mantels, Mantels, and MORE Mantels

March 4, 2011


From the history of fireplaces to giving them a makeover, it has been an enjoyable week sharing so many ideas about various fireplace designs.  Let's finish out the series by taking a look at amazing mantels.  With the fireplace being the heart of the home, the mantel is a great place to add your personal touches and complete the look of the room.  Though at times it can be a frustrating spot for homeowners to design, the mantel is forever changing with the different holidays and seasons. Let's take a look at some ideas, so this focal point of the home doesn't result in a missed … [Read more...]

Fireplace Series 4: Give your Fireplace a Makeover

March 3, 2011


I had a reader recently write to me about her fireplace dilemma... Is it possible for this fireplace to get a makeover? I moved into my early 1900's home 8 years ago and I've always been stuck on what to do with my painted brick fireplace.  I'd like to do a complete makeover, but how?  Is it possible? I'm on a tight budget and I want something that will be in keeping with the architectural style of the home.  Help! The answer is YES, you can absolutely do a makeover that will remain true to the period of the home and won't break the bank!  Fireplace upgrades are also a great way to add … [Read more...]

Fireplace Series 2: The Fireplace and Television don’t have to be Frenemies

March 1, 2011


When a fireplace is incorporated into a design, it's usually the focal point of the room, but then the question is asked, "Where will the TV go?". Will adding a television lessen the importance of the fireplace? At times, the fireplace and television are frenemies because they both struggle for equal attention;  They are friends to their viewers but enemies to each other. They fight over which should be a higher priority in the space ~ the fireplace can be a show stopper and provides a beautiful ambiance, but a TV is equally important for entertainment. With the development of the flat … [Read more...]

Fireplace Series 1: History of Fireplaces and Mantels

February 28, 2011

Ancient fireplace

Now that the Holidays are over and the Valentine's decor is packed away, it is time for my fireplace to get a revamp for Spring.  Because fireplaces can be such a challenge for homeowners to design and style, I am dedicating this ENTIRE week to the topic of Fireplaces.  Now is your chance to chime in and/or ask questions about your fireplace dilemmas. Before we can begin discussing modern day fireplaces, let's take a step back to find out how they originated. I think it's helpful to understand the origin of certain aspects of design to give you the "know-how" on ways to create a cohesive and … [Read more...]