Decorating with Leaning + Ladder Shelves

March 24, 2014


Within the past two months, I've purchased 4 leaning shelves (a.k.a. ladder shelves). Obsessed? No. Great for storage? Affordable? Open + Airy?  Yes. For the same reason, I've been loving leaning shelves as of late, I've got my clients hooked too and I'd like to share with you why leaning shelves work so well for any room in the home. Any style shelf gives height to the room. Most pieces of furniture (tables, sofa, chair, bed, etc) aren't higher than 30/36" off the floor, which often leaves pictures / artwork to be the only source of height in a room.  As much as it's important to … [Read more...]

Seven Series: Capiz Shell Chandeliers

February 19, 2014


Is it really Wednesday already?  With the kids off for winter break this week, the days have been flying by.  Plus I've been putting the final touches on the master bedroom and have started working on the kids room.  I even was busy over the weekend with a big build project (here is a picture peak). Before sharing another update on the rooms, I put together a collection of my favorite capiz shell chandeliers for another 7 series feature.  Last week I showcased my latest DIY creation and how I created a hanging fixture using a capiz shell fixture from World Market.  It gives the most … [Read more...]

Powder Room Remodel Reveal

July 24, 2013

Powder Room Remodel {REVEAL} #powderroomremodel

The powder room remodel is finally complete! I hope you weren't holding your breathe because it's been 2 + months since my last progress post.  Boy, did I surely leave you hangin'... BUT (and it's a big but), it's all worth it because this is the result > Big Time Awesome! And just to remind you where we started, here is the before > And before that (when we moved in to the house), this is what the space looked like > A bit scary, don't ya think?! Back to the progress... Since the last post when I shared the steps of fixing the wall from the … [Read more...]

Craft Room: Progress Update 1

April 30, 2013

Craft Room: Progress of Client Project _ Designed by @Jenna_Burger

This morning, I mentioned that I was headed out early for a site visit to check on the progress of the mega craft room /office space that I've been working on for the last few months.  It's a local project which I shared details about a few weeks ago and the transformation has been amazing. In the last post about this project, the construction hadn't even begun, but since then alot has happened, including: Removal of the popcorn ceiling Removal of old carpet and installation of new hardwood floor (in this room and throughout the entire house) Removal of old window treatments New … [Read more...]

Striking Spring Porches, Doors, and Entryways

April 18, 2013

Major Spring Inspiration: Striking Spring Doors, Porches, and Entryways.  Roundup by @Jenna_Burger,

Spring is finally peaking through. It's the perfect time of year to open up the windows, let the fresh air in, and rid the winter decor for some fresh, new, colorful accents. We can finally come out of hibernation, step outside the front door, and actually spend time looking at our homes instead of darting directly from the indoors to the car in 2.8 seconds to avoid the frigid cold (well maybe that's just me - hehe). The entry to a home sets the tone for what's to come indoors. What's created and displayed on the front door, porch, and entryway make the first impression not only for … [Read more...]

Bathroom Refresh with Better Homes and Gardens

March 29, 2013

Better Homes and Gardens collection exclusively at Walmart - Bathroom refresh by @Jenna_Burger,

Spring is in the air!  The last few days have been enjoyably milder, so I hope we keep moving in the warmer-weather direction.  As we're making our way out of winter hibernation, Spring is the perfect time of year to give your home a fresh start.  Kind of an airing-out from the winter blues. Better Homes and Gardens recently reached to me to share the news about their fabulous line of home décor products, available exclusively at Walmart.  To share details of their collaboration, they asked me if I wanted to be apart of their "Walmart Room Refresh" campaign.  Of course, I was thrilled and … [Read more...]

Spring Mantel with Sensational Succulents #LowesCreator

March 25, 2013

Spring Mantel with Sensational Succulents - Creative ideas for bringing in natural elements by @Jenna_Burger,

Happy Monday!  Yes, it's Spring, but sadly it doesn't feel like it (at least here in NY). I am so ready for the warmer days ahead and am yearning for the array of colorful flowers, the endless chirping of birds, and the sounds of outdoor laughter.  I know it'll be here soon, but I am just ready for winter (and the endless snow) to be over. In my search for all things Spring, I decided this years seasonal mantel had to include elements of the outdoors. Last Friday when perusing the aisles of Lowe's, specifically the outdoor section, I saw a huge display of succulents.  I immediately knew … [Read more...]

A Newly Designed Home Office / Family Room

February 12, 2013

Creative Ideas for designing a Home Office / Family Room. Giant Inspiration Board by @Jenna_Burger via

It's REVEAL day! If you saw yesterday's post, you read all about the evolution (and the juice backstory details) about how this space has been in transition for the last 3 years.   Since that's outta the way, we can get right to the good stuff...  The fun and exciting 'after' pictures. Some of the elements in the space are new (not much, but a few), but many have been repurposed or are DIY creations, which I will be sharing over the upcoming weeks. But let's get right to it.  My newly designed home office / family room... And just so you remember, this is the before... I … [Read more...]

The Evolution of the Home Office / Family Room : The Backstory

February 11, 2013

Home Office / Family Room Evolution

I hope you had a fabulous weekend!  For the past few weeks, we were surprisingly teased with seeing lots of exposed grass, but then got hit with 'Nemo' this past weekend.  Thankfully we were spared with only about 6" (nothing out of the ordinary for us), while others not too far away got hammered.  While shoveling out and spending some time indoors over the weekend, I finally had the chance to put the finishing touches on my combination home office / family room space.  With it not being too sunny or too overcast, it thankfully was the perfect time to photograph. I haven't shared much about … [Read more...]

Your Home. Your Story. Creating a Meaningful Home

January 3, 2013

Your Home. Your Story. Creating a Meaningful Home via

Happy New Year!  I hope you had an enjoyable and safe end of 2012 & beginning of 2013. I'm really excited about this year to come.  I have so many personal and business goals that I hope to accomplish. Over the next few weeks and months, I will also have fun news to share and hope that you'll continue to follow along on this forever-changing and crazy adventure.  For some reason, I always find the first post of the year the most difficult to write.  I feel like it has to be  profound and awe-inspiring.  After some thought, I decided to hold off on sharing the many DIY projects that … [Read more...]