Patio Paradise: The Plan + Mood Board

May 27, 2014


I hope you had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!   Not only did we spend time thanking those who served our country, but we enjoyed much of the long weekend soaking up the sun + enjoying the beautiful outdoors.  BUT like always, with playtime comes worktime.  Before setting our sights on BBQing & the beach, we worked all day Saturday on the outdoors. Over the past month, we have been spilling hours into transforming our sideyard into a Patio Paradise!  I'm thrilled to be partnering with Lowe's on this project to create a space that is inviting, relaxing, and truly a magical oasis.  With … [Read more...]

Master Makeover Plan of Attack

February 3, 2014


Plan of Attack. Sounds Scary...  That's because it is. Once the new year hit, I knew I wanted to get my butt into gear with making the finally changes to the master bedroom.  Not major changes, but a good freshening up! For some reason, the master, is always the messiest, drop space filled with piles clothes - mostly clean, half folded, half not - paper, and just a whole lotta of stuff.  Basically everything a bedroom, a place of quiet, shouldn't be.  My attack was to finish it with a goal NOT to let it get to that point any more. I started a makeover on the master a few years ago, … [Read more...]

Creative Vision Board: Inspiring & Vibrant Craft Room

March 4, 2013

Creative and Inspiring Craft Room Mood Board by @Jenna_Burger,

I've been working on some really fun client projects lately, and one in particular is a mega craft room / office space. The client recently moved into the home and instead of using the formal dining room for it's true purpose, they decided to transform the space into a totally functional craft room and office.  The space will be used for work purposes, as well as some major crafty creating! Construction is about to begin in a few weeks, but here's the 'before' of how the space currently looks... Thankfully it won't be like this for much longer because we have some major goodness … [Read more...]

Dining Room Pinspiration with World Market

November 19, 2012

@WorldMarket Dining Room Pinspiration - Creative Vision Board by @Jenna_Burger via

One of my favorite online resources is World Market!  Plain and simple, they have stylish and affordable furniture and accessories, as well as perfect gifts and decor for the Holidays.  And hands down, there is at least something from World Market on every inspiration board that I've created for my blog and my clients. Alright, enough of my love fest and gushing over this fab place.   Instead I'll show you why they're just super awe-some!  I've had some thoughts of redoing my dining room (shhh, don't tell The Mister), so of course I created a quick Creative Vision Board with a few of my … [Read more...]

It’s All About the Bed

September 26, 2012

Creative Vision Board - Modern Elegance

This post brought to you by Leggett & Platt. All opinions are 100% mine. In most rooms of the home, the featured piece of furniture can vary, but in the bedroom the most important element is the bed! If you spend (on average) 6-8 hours of your 24 day sleeping, that's 50 hours a week, 2600 hours a year, and 180000 hours in a lifetime. OK OK, who cares about the math, but all-in-all, we spend ALOT OF TIME SLEEPING, and that equals the need for a comfortable bed, right?! I recently learned about Leggett & Platt who creates beds that truly transform your bedroom space into an … [Read more...]

Lantern Love

July 12, 2012

PicMonkey Collage

I'm finishing up a kitchen renovation for a local client (which looks amazing and I can't wait to share pictures) and we're at the point of choosing light fixtures.  Most have already been selected and some already installed, but we wanted to find something extra special for the foyer light as you enter into the home. The tricky part of the equation? The Ceiling Height!  An average home usually has an 8'-0" ceiling height, but some have cathedral ceilings in the foyer so a grand and beautiful chandelier can be admired.  Not this house.  But that's okay because with a little hunting I was … [Read more...]

Creative Vision Board: Bold Modern Office

May 30, 2012

Turquoise and Green Modern Office

Happy Wednesday!  Thanks for stopping by to check out my latest Creative Vision Board.  This new series that I started 3 weeks ago, has been a lot of fun to get my creative juices flowing and keeps me "in-the know" & "up-to-date" on new furniture, accessories, and decor that's available across the web. Did you know that all the furniture and accessories that I showcase on my Creative Vision Boards are available for anyone to purchase (meaning they're not to-the-trade only)?  These CVB's are also a teeny glimpse at what I create for my E-Design clients. Enough of the chatter, let's take … [Read more...]

Creative Vision Board: Serene and Sophisticated Bedroom

May 23, 2012

Serene Sophisticated Blue & Green Bedroom

I've been super psyched for Wednesday to arrive so I could share my newest, latest, and greatest Creative Vision Board.  After last week's Red Hot Eclectic Living Room board started off the series, I was hard at work conceptualizing and creating my latest "room". If you're new to this Wednesday ritual, every hump day (a.k.a. Wednesday) I will create and share a new Creative Vision Board for a room in the home, then I'll break-it-down explaining how I created the board and how you can create something similar for your space. Drumroll please for this week's, Serene & Sophisticated … [Read more...]

Creative Vision Board: Red Hot Eclectic Living Room

May 15, 2012

Red Hot Eclectic_Creative Vision Board

As you hopefully know, my blog is all about inspiring you through design and decorating ideas, tips, and do-it-yourself projects.  To further inspire you, I thought it would be fun to start a new series called Creative Vision Wednesday, where each hump day I will create and share a new Creative Vision Board for a new room in the home. In each post, I'll explain alittle about how I created the board and how you can create something similar for your space.  I won't share specific product resources, but if you love the look, let me know and we can work together on creating a similar space for … [Read more...]