Central Command Center Revamped (again)

January 7, 2014


The year has been a little slow going for me.  With the 2 week christmas break for the kids + a couple involved (but uber-exciting) client projects + computer issues (my laptop keyboard stopping working due to a virus - UGH), I'm a bit behind.  BUT, I've got something good for you...  My Revamped (again) Central Command Center.  I Did It again. This is the 3rd time I revamped our family central command center (the previous posts can be found here and here).  Our hub of the home.  The 30" wall that keeps our family on track so we know where we are going when. So why did I change it … [Read more...]

I’m a CoverGirl

August 28, 2013

Fall Issue of Saratoga Mama Magazine

I was thrilled when the Fall issue of Saratoga Mama (affiliated with SaratogaMama.com & Saratoga Today) hit the stands last week because not only do I love finding out what's happening in my neck of the woods, but I got to finally see the space I designed featured on the front cover. My first cover! I'm officially a CoverGirl.  Well kinda... One of the fun & challenging projects I took on this Summer was to partner with Colleen of Saratoga Mama to makeover 3 rooms for a feature in the back-to-school issue.  In 2 days (not consecutively, thankfully) we scouted, shopped, staged, … [Read more...]

How-To Make a Chalkboard Wall

January 9, 2013

Inexpensive & Easy-To-Create "Framed" Chalkboard Wall using @frogtape by @Jenna_Burger, SASinteriors.net

Chalkboard walls are not just for kids.  They are super fun & functional for everyone, at any age.  While the kids are busy creating new drawings, us moms are making lists so nothing's forgotten at the store.  The need for a chalkboard wall in a home can also change and evolve as your family changes and grows. Another plus about chalkboard walls is that with the use of chalkboard paint, they are super easy to create.  For less than $10 and a few spare hours, a new wall can be created anywhere in your home (or office)! Earlier this week, I shared my revamped CCC {Central Command … [Read more...]

Revamped Family Chalkboard Central Command Center

January 7, 2013

Chalkboard Family Central Command Center for the heart of the home including a monthly calendar, kids charts, inspirational quotes, and more.  Created by @Jenna_Burger via sasinteriors.net

This 30" wide wall has had more makeovers than any other spot in my home.  In the almost 3 years that we've lived here, I think it's had at least 6 lives - thank goodness it's not an entire room.  But I have to say, this 30" wall is the key to how we function - it's our Central Command Center... a.k.a. CCC I couldn't let the year begin without making a few updates to this small, but important part of our home (the previous CCC can be found here).  I actually had made a few changes about a month ago, but it just wasn't right.  After living with it for a while, I knew what it needed...  A … [Read more...]

DIY: Personalized Dry Erase Calendar

August 23, 2011

Central Command Center_11

Last week I shared some inspirational ideas on creating a Central Command Center, as well as my new CCC spot.  One of the features in my newly organized space is the personalized dry-erase calendar that I made.  I had previously purchased a dry-erase board from Tar-Jay, but it was just too small to write all the activities and notes to keep my family on track for the month ahead. We needed something that had space for our daily schedule, as well as a place for notes, like: bring books to the library by Tuesday or pick up the dry cleaning after 6 on Friday or don't forget to buy … [Read more...]

My New Central Command Center

August 19, 2011

Central Command Center_1a

With back-to-school (well in my case first-time to school since my son is starting kindergarten) around the corner, I wanted to be armed, prepared, and organized for all the papers and plans that will be coming in only a few short weeks. Creating a Central Command Center has been on my mind for quite some time, and when a wall in my kitchen/dining room area was all of a sudden blank, it was a perfect spot to create this hub-of-the-home. When visualizing this space, I thoroughly thought through the needs of my family and what we were currently lacking - a family go-to calendar, a … [Read more...]

Creating a Central Command Center

August 18, 2011

Central Command Center Inspiration_1a

If I've said it once, I've said it a gazzillion times alot...I'm always moving things around my house.  As I've mentioned in previous posts, my foyer has been making quite the transformation with repurposed items, along with the newly stenciled wall and glazed cabinet.  With a few moves, there was a wall in my kitchen/dining room that was all of a sudden left empty... Yes, it was blank and something had to be done with it!  A blank wall with nothing on it...that's sinful (ha)!  I thought and thought...what to do?  what to do?  Let's take a step back ~ a while back I had created a central … [Read more...]