Styling your Bookshelves to Create a Dazzling Display

February 21, 2011


Bookshelves, whether built-in or free standing, are a great way to fill a bare wall, give height to a room, and create a wall of art using a combination of books and accessories. No matter your budget, well-styled bookshelves can be the focal point of your space and make a true statement. Update your boring bookshelves into a dazzling display Showcase your passions. Display pieces that interest you and that you're passionate about.  Your hobbies should shine through in your space. Books aren't the only thing for bookcases. Along with your books, fill your shelves with accessories, … [Read more...]

Built-in Cabinetry for your Home

October 9, 2010

Last weekend I went on the Showcase of Homes tour in Saratoga and a common thread throughout each house was the use of built-in cabinetry.  Built-ins were very popular in the 80's with their shiny, laminate, contemporary design, but today's aesthetic is much simpler, sophisticated, and will change any room!  Your first step is to think about where you are going to put a built-in.  Built-ins are great for almost any space in your home, but it depends on the room available and what you are trying to achieve. Fireplace Built-ins If you have a fireplace that is centered on your wall with two … [Read more...]