How to Make a Pallet Bookshelf

March 2, 2012


What a week it's been!  Is it really March already?  I'm still in February!  I really thought I would have the bathroom complete by now to reveal today, but (I know, here it comes) it's not done - boo hoo.  It's 95% there, but the finishing touches are still needed, and that's always the most important part.  So sorry to say, you'll have to wait a few more days... you don't mind, right? Instead, I have a fun, easy, and unique DIY project to share with you. In the midst of my son's room makeover, the bookcase he had wasn't fitting anymore, but he still needed something to hold his many of … [Read more...]

Tour My Home: Boys Room ~ Skateboard Haven

April 18, 2011

Boy Room_SAS Interiors_1

The goal of my blog is to share inspirational ideas about design, and with that I like to showcase areas of my own home to actually show how a high-end look can be done for less (and no one has to know).  With being an Interior Designer, I have worked with clients that have limitless funds to spend, and others than have a barebone budget.  Either way, a well thought-out and designed space can be achieved. Through my blog series, Tour My Home, I enjoy sharing different areas of the space I've created for my family. We last visited my daughter's Honeysuckle Retreat, and the Next Stop: My … [Read more...]

Skateboard Shelves

February 17, 2011


I've been meaning to install shelves in my son's room for awhile, but wanted to do something unique and different.  At four years old, he has SO many interests, but one of his favorites is skateboarding.  So when recently putting the finishing touches on his "space", I thought making shelves out of skateboards would be the perfect addition! Real skateboard decks can start out around $40+ and there was no way I was purchasing shelves for that amount (I admit, I am frugal)! THANKFULLY, I stumbled upon these mini skateboards at Five Below and just like the name of the store, they were $5.  … [Read more...]