Winner of the Payless Decor Giveaway

March 16, 2013

Payless Decor Giveaway

I usually take some R & R on the weekends, so the blog is often quiet, BUT today is a special day because I get to announce who the lucky winner is of the Payless Decor 'Win MY Blinds' Giveaway. The outpouring of folks who need to dress up their windows was huge. Comments included: Perfect timing! We’re beginning a large renovation in @2 wks—would LOVE these blinds in all the new rooms but specifically for my 3 kitchen windows! - Kathy I would use them in my kitchen! I have a HUGE window, which lets in great light but is a major bummer mid-day when everything on my counter top … [Read more...]

Create a Layered Window Treatment

March 19, 2012


Whether they are dainty wood blinds or over-the-top dramatic drapery panels, something is needed on every window!   And without, it's like going to a party wearing a gorgeous dress and  jewelry, but forgetting your shoes. That being said, I'm also a big fan of layering window treatments which means having a combination of functional parts and pretty parts. By adding different layers, the window(s) will have added depth and dimension, plus offer energy efficiency and privacy. To begin, ask yourself a few questions which will help determine the type and amount of layers that you want and need … [Read more...]