A Simple Kitchen Window Upgrade

February 4, 2013

Kitchen Window Revamp - A simple upgrade for a large kitchen window via @Jenna_Burger, sasinteriors.net

Do you ever feel with a little upgrade, a space in your home that you haven't quite loved, will finally look exactly how you always hoped?  That little revamp which won't take long, but the room doesn't feel "right" without ? Well, I've had that feeling in my kitchen for a while.  The part that needed a redo wasn't horrible, but I was kind of tired of it. It's not the cabinets because I still love them 2 years later. It's not the hardware because I still love that too. But instead it was actually the valance over the windows that I felt blah about. So the kitchen window got a … [Read more...]

5 Simple Steps to Complete Darkness + Giveaway

April 13, 2012


No I haven't turned to the Dark Side, but I now am in complete darkness thanks to my new blackout cellular shades.  Thanks to the fine folks of Payless Decor, I got the opportunity to hang & test their shades and I have to say they are different & better than what I expected!  Read on... I am a huge fan of layering window treatments, not only for aesthetic reasons (to look pretty), but also for function.  Who wants the bright sun glaring through the windows at 5 a.m.?  I don't :)  Adding dimension and layers to your window treatments not only picture frames the exterior, but it also … [Read more...]