11 Unique Ideas for Decorating with Flowers

May 14, 2014


Spring is here, finally right?!  After that horrific winter, we welcomed this new season with open arms.  Whether spring is drawn out or we jump right into Summer, it's nice to break out of hibernation to smell the fresh air of the warmer season to come. The first thought that comes to mind for me when I think of Spring is, flowers.  As the perennials are starting to peak their way through - it's always interesting to see what will come up each year - I've started to think of how I can create simple, but unexpected flower displays and vignettes throughout the garden (and indoors … [Read more...]

How-To Stain a Wood Deck

May 30, 2013

How to Stain a Wood Deck - Before and After Wood Deck Makeover

For the past few years, we knew something major had to happen with our exterior wood deck, but with SO much work (most of it do-it-yourself projects) to do in other areas of the yard, it kept being put on the back-burner.  Well... Baby didn't want to be put in the corner no more (I know, that was cheesy), so this year was the year for a makeover.  And boy does she look smokin'... I think (well, actually I know) one of the hesitations of the deck was the process.  Well, so I thought.  Honestly, it was so much easier and more manageable than I ever thought possible.  One of the major … [Read more...]

Striking Spring Porches, Doors, and Entryways

April 18, 2013

Major Spring Inspiration: Striking Spring Doors, Porches, and Entryways.  Roundup by @Jenna_Burger, SASinteriors.net

Spring is finally peaking through. It's the perfect time of year to open up the windows, let the fresh air in, and rid the winter decor for some fresh, new, colorful accents. We can finally come out of hibernation, step outside the front door, and actually spend time looking at our homes instead of darting directly from the indoors to the car in 2.8 seconds to avoid the frigid cold (well maybe that's just me - hehe). The entry to a home sets the tone for what's to come indoors. What's created and displayed on the front door, porch, and entryway make the first impression not only for … [Read more...]

Spring Mantel with Shades of Turquoise

March 27, 2012


Last week here in Upstate NY, the weather was amazing and I soaked up every bit of sun I could get. Now it's a little chillier, but Spring and Summer will be here before ya know it! In the midst of the gorgeous weather, I took some time to put together my new Spring Mantel. Over the past few months, I have been introducing more cooler colors than the warmer colors that I've lived with for many years. So my latest mantel creation has a whole lotta turquoise, which is a beautiful and dynamic compliment to the burnt orange focal wall. Here it is... What do you think? Turquoise is … [Read more...]

Last Minute Easter Decorating Ideas

April 20, 2011


I can't believe Easter is less than a week away.  Even though it's later than usual this year, it totally has creeped up on me.  If you can believe it, I actually haven't even decorated yet....But you know what, it's never too late!  As I searched the web for inspiration for my Easter Day table decor, I found so many EGG-xtra special cute and creative ideas that I had to share! Like this ~ … [Read more...]

Whimsical Spring Forsythia Wreath

April 5, 2011

SAS Interiors_Spring Wreath_6

I was so completely inspired when putting yesterday's post together on Spring Wreath Inspiration.  There are so many amazing and talented bloggers out there and I was so happy to showcase their work! Now it's my turn.... I created a lot of wreaths over the past months for the various seasons and holidays.  Now it's time to celebrate the arrival of SPRING!  YAY!! Here's a sneak peak at my NEW Whimsical Spring Wreath ~ This is how the wreath looked before... BIG change, right? My mom gave me this wreath quite awhile ago and it had been sitting in my garage for months.  My … [Read more...]

Spring Wreath Inspiration

April 4, 2011


Before we get started, let's all agree that wreaths are usually a feature saved for one special time of year ( I hear the sleigh bells ringing)...right??  WRONG!  A wreath is known as the symbolic meaning for "Circle of Life" and how perfect is this coincidence since Spring is the season of Rebirth.  After all, it has been a long cold winter, so let's warm up our homes with this special decor icon. Even though Spring is making a late entrance (at least in NY), I'm ready to create a new Spring wreath for my front door.  I didn't have to go far to find some great inspiration.  With a little … [Read more...]

April Showers Bring….

April 1, 2011

Foyer_umbrella stand

Umbrella Stands. Happy April Fools and Happy Friday! April is known as the month of showers, and even though it's snowing in NY at the moment, I'm hoping it will be short lived and will turn into pretty May flowers.  Throughout this rainy season, I'm sure you'll be using your umbrella once or twice.  Once you get home, what do you do with it??  Instead of throwing it in the closet after a soggy day, creating a puddle or an unwanted science experiment (ew!), give it a home with a new stylish umbrella stand.   With a splash of color, an umbrella stand can enhance the typical bare decor in your … [Read more...]

How to Make Fake Flowers Look Real

March 23, 2011

Artificial Flowers_2

Even though it's technically Spring, it's difficult to believe, with all the snow still on the ground here in NY.  Thankfully my mindset is already on pretty Spring flowers to get me through the final days of the long drawn-out Winter.  I'm continually changing and updating my Dining Room display depending on the season and holiday.  I love the look of fresh flowers (who doesn't?), but sometimes an artificial arrangement is simpler and more practical to maintain. When shopping for your arrangement, look for flowers that have a natural, "real" appearance and that hang similar to a real … [Read more...]