Kitchen Organization: Ideas for the Inside of the Cabinet Doors

November 4, 2013

Kitchen Organization: Ideas for storage on the inside of the kitchen cabinets by @Jenna_Burger,

Happy Monday!  I was feeling a bit under the weather last week which is why the blog and my other favorite places to share + converse on the 'net' - IG, FB, etc - were quiet.  I'm still not feeling 100%, but am excited to share something I've been working on lately...  getting my kitchen organized. For me, organization is a never ending battle.  I never feel like everything completely has a home, but I've accepted that and continually try to work towards creating a more efficient, more organized home. When Lowe's put to me to the challenge this month to tackle the kitchen, I knew it was … [Read more...]

Painted Pillow using FrogTape Chevron Pattern

October 18, 2013

Painted Pillow using FrogTape Chevron Pattern by @Jenna_Burger,

This post brought to you by FrogTape brand painter’s tape. All opinions are 100% mine. So a few months ago I'm standing at the paint counter waiting for a new color to be mixed for some project I was working on at the time (honestly, I have no memory of what it was) and looked over to see something very cool - I even shared a pic of it on instagram.  One of my favorite companies FrogTape (the same company who's painters tape I used for my chalkboard wall) had a new product.  I was intrigued at first glance. The cool new product is their same painters tape technology (first edge treated … [Read more...]

Bring the Outdoors In: How To Create Fern Art

October 16, 2013

Bring the Outdoors in by using ferns and creating art by @Jenna_Burger,

This post brought to you by All opinions are 100% mine. While tackling my foyer revamp, I gave a lot of thought as to what type of artwork / wall decor to put above the new gold dresser gorgeousness, as I like to call "her".  The focal wall that got "dressed up" with new wide horizontal stripes is only about 5' wide, but whatever was chosen to display needed to make an impact.  I didn't want it to be personal pictures since we have so many around our house already, but I wanted it to be meaningful and reflect us.  I even reached out to you, my followers, on Facebook asking … [Read more...]

Before + After: Coffee Table with Dipped Legs

October 8, 2013

Before & After Coffee Table Revamp with Sunshine yellow Stain by Cabot and gold-dipped legs.  Created by @Jenna_Burger,

Sunshine Yellow.  Gold Paint.  Fun Geometric Fabric. All components of my latest DIY endeavour. I adore how paint can truly transform the look of a piece of furniture, but when the grain is gorgeous and gets covered, it's a bit heartwrenching for that beauty to be lost.  After finishing up my deck transformation, Cabot reached out to me about a new product that just launched that allows the beauty of the grain to shine through + comes in an array of fun, vibrant colors.How much better does it get?  Well it does.  Why?  Because it's a water-based formula. Yup, this brand new product by … [Read more...]

Fall Front Porch

September 24, 2013

Fall Front Porch by @Jenna_Burger,

It's officially Fall! I was a bit sad to see the Summer end, but I have to say, with the kids back in school and a routine once again being established, the arrival of the season has actually been quite delightful.  The weather also has been chilly, so it just adds to the thought that Fall is in full swing. To celebrate the new season, I had to give my front porch a new look.  After finishing it up over the weekend + photographing it yesterday, it's ready to share + enjoy! This seasons front porch didn't change much.  I really just added in a few new layers of color + festive … [Read more...]

Tips + Tricks for Painting the Perfect Stripes

September 20, 2013

Tips + Tricks for painting straight, crisp, perfect stripes

This time last week I was just about to jump into the foyer remodel.  I was picking up the paint + supplies, removing everything from the space, and getting the walls prepped. A color was chosen.  The walls were spackled, sanded, and painted.  Then last the stripes were added. Straight Stripes. Crisp Stripes. Perfect Stripes. I am actually really impressed with myself on how straight the stripes turned out. Here is the result... Now a week later, other than the styling + accessories, the space is complete. {big sigh of relief}... But taking a step back, I learned alot … [Read more...]

Foyer Progress + Painting Made Easy

September 18, 2013

Paint Stick

As of 9:00 last night, the painting of the walls + the stripes are done.  Now that's a big checkmark off my list! I have one more element in the space that needs a last coat of paint, and then the painting part of the Foyer Remodel will be complete.  A few styling magic tricks to follow and the space will be completely fresh and new. Taking a step back though, I have to tell ya that the painting process wasn't too grueling.  Before venturing into a painting project, I'm always a little leery about how long it will really take. From removing everything in the space to spackling the holes … [Read more...]

The Start of the Next Room Remodel. The Foyer.

September 13, 2013

Inspirational Elements for my Foyer Remodel

Now that the kids are back in school and home life is somewhat back on a regular routine, I'm psyched to start tackling my next big room remodel.  This past Spring it was the powder room that got an overhaul, and now I'm ready for something else.  The space coming up is adjacent to the powder room.  Can you guess what it is???  Twist. Twist. Ok, I'll tell you.  It's the foyer.  It's had many lives over the past 4 years, but it's ready for another.  And it all revolves around this... This piece of gorgeousness (that I was reluctant to buy but many of you on instagram encouraged me to … [Read more...]

Autumn Wreath with Plum + Peacock Accents

September 11, 2013

Autumn Wreath with Plum + Peacock Accents by @Jenna_Burger,

I haven't created a new wreath in a long time.  I've had my go-to wreaths for Spring, Autumn, and Winter for the past couple of years and every few months they get rotated in-and-out.  But once the chill hit last weekend and the thoughts of Fall started to seep into my brain, I knew a new and unique wreath was ready to be made for the coming season. The front door, often thought of as the “mouth” of a home, is the perfect place to make a statement.  My apple green colored front door always gives the best backdrop to any wreath that is displayed, and my latest creation fills my heart with a … [Read more...]

DIY: Drop Cloth Curtain Panels with Leading Edge Detail

September 5, 2013

DIY: Drop Cloth Window Panels with Leading Edge Detail. High-end look for less than $20 to make. via @Jenna_Burger,

I'll be honest, none of the window curtain panels in my home cost more than $50.  Yet all are custom made.  Not by an uber-expensive fabricator, but by me. Store-bought and/or custom-made curtain panels can be very pricey, but the same look (or better) can be achieved by making your own.  And guess what, it's not difficult...   As the calendar turns and another Fall approaches, Lowe's put The Team to the test this month to create a new window treatment for the home.  I was in need (well more like a want) of new window panels for the dining room, so I knew it was the perfect … [Read more...]