DIY: Homemade Circle Crib Mobile

June 20, 2014


No baby yet.  Still waiting... In the meantime though, thank you all for the kind thoughts on the Nursery Nook that I created for our new soon-to-arrive (any minute) bundle! For the new 'nook' I created this adorable easy-to-make and completely homemade crib mobile too...  As promised, I'm happy to show you all the steps. This type of circle crib mobile is nothing new.  I'm sure you've seen it before in stores and/or created by others (I've seen a few here & there and of course on pinterest), but I've always adored the look and how much color + height it brings to a room.  Plus … [Read more...]

The Nursery Nook: Gallery Wall

June 10, 2014


As much as we've been focusing + putting a lot of effort into transforming the outdoor patio & deck, we've also been working on the baby space. Note how I didn't use the word 'room'...  Why? Because my soon-to-be 2 girls will be sharing a room, so we've been referring to the new baby 'space' as The Nursery Nook. Take a look... We've put much of our efforts this year into making updates to the kids rooms (boy room evolution) + the 2nd floor space (new carpet + the new chalkboard wall).  After the decision was made that the girls would share a room once the baby arrives, I … [Read more...]

Patio Paradise: Before & After Patio Makeover

June 6, 2014


For the past 2 months we've been plotting, planning, shopping, implementing, and transforming our outdoor patio.  It's been a labor of love to get this space to be an inviting oasis that we always envisioned and now can truly enjoy. We bought our home in the middle of winter when there was over a foot of snow on the ground.  Once Spring hit, the melting snow revealed what we were up against a lot of work - much more than we anticipated.  In the sideyard, there was an above ground pool, which had seen better days, plus 20+ overgrown trees that made the entire yard look dark & … [Read more...]

An Outdoor Deck for Outdoor Living

May 29, 2014


If there were no mosquitos and if there were a teeny-tiny bathroom, my outdoor deck would be just the spot for me to live for the next 3 months.  O, and maybe a small spot for me to cook - but wait, that's covered...  we have a grill! Our newly revamped deck is filled with many comfy spots to sit, relax, eat, and simply soak up the sun over the coming Summer months.  It's a vibrant and welcoming oasis for outdoor living.  But like I said, I'm not a huge fan of mosquitos - who is - so unfortunately I will have to come indoors, but not for long. Let me show you around.  Will you join me on … [Read more...]

Patio Paradise: The Plan + Mood Board

May 27, 2014


I hope you had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!   Not only did we spend time thanking those who served our country, but we enjoyed much of the long weekend soaking up the sun + enjoying the beautiful outdoors.  BUT like always, with playtime comes worktime.  Before setting our sights on BBQing & the beach, we worked all day Saturday on the outdoors. Over the past month, we have been spilling hours into transforming our sideyard into a Patio Paradise!  I'm thrilled to be partnering with Lowe's on this project to create a space that is inviting, relaxing, and truly a magical oasis.  With … [Read more...]

Easy Project, Big Impact: Reupholstered Chair Seat

May 23, 2014


Most posts I have planned out a few days, or at least a day, before going live.  But not today's.  I have been trying to check things off my to-do list and this project, start to finish, literally was done just a few minutes ago.  I posted a pic on Instagram (I'd love for you to follow along if you're not already) and I thought I'd share a blog post about it. Ready for a super easy, yet BIG IMPACT project?  Check out how I brought this old chair alive again with a simple change of fabric.  It's so simple and I swear that ANYONE can do this.  Even if you've never DIYed anything in your life, … [Read more...]

13 Interesting Ways to Turn Toy Animals into Fabulous Home Decor

May 22, 2014


I had so much fun creating the toy animal instagram photo holders for my boy's room, and with the thoughtful comments + compliments I received, it seems like many of you loved them just as much. I think because they're unexpected  + unique, using toy animals are the perfect way to bring a bit of fun into a room & they are quite the conversation starter.  Plus turning your own kids toys into fabulous decor, beats the similar, but much more expensive accessories you can find elsewhere! As with most of my creations, I often search the web afterwards to see what other similar projects … [Read more...]

Toy Animal Instagram Photo Holder

May 20, 2014


I've been a little slow on sharing the progress of my boys room makeover, but believe me it's almost done!  Except for the window panels that are still plain white (an idea will come to me at some point to jazz them up), the room is about 96.74% complete.  From the new wall color + the wallpaper, to the honeycomb shelves + the wood rolling toy bins, to the new leaning shelves, this room has been fully transformed from what it looked like before... One of the first DIY ideas that I thought about for this makeover (after seeing these animal photo holders) was to create something cute that … [Read more...]

Design Solutions for the ‘Ugly Bathroom’ {Reader Submission Reveal}

May 12, 2014


Not only has another Monday greeted us, BUT it's reveal day for the reader submitted bathrooms for the Ugly Bathroom Makeover challenge. I asked for bathrooms, and so many of you delivered! Thank you all who sent me pictures of your drear, in-need-of-love bathrooms.  I truly wish I could help ALL OF YOU with making over your bathrooms, but in the end Lowe's and I chose Melissa's "blah and uninspiring master bathroom". Hi Jenna I was so excited when I read your post about the ugly bathroom transformation because I have the most blah and uninspiring master bathroom! We moved into our … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Update a Bathroom on a Budget

May 7, 2014


There have been some really qualified "entries" for the ugly bathroom makeover.  I'm not going to lie...  some of you are in desperate need of direction & a plan on how to jazz up your bathrooms.  Most of the bathrooms I received pictures for, have good bones and are similar in layout of many homes, but they need to be taken to the next level to be practical and pretty! Lowe's and I are going through the pictures and next Monday will be the day when you'll get to see what reader submitted bathroom we chose, along with a Creative Vision Board + 'plan of action' for the space.  In the … [Read more...]