Holiday Gift Guide 2014: 15 Monogrammed + Personalized Gift Ideas for under $25

November 18, 2014


I am ready to shop, shop, shop for the holidays!  And I like nothing better than a great sale or deal, don't you?!  Even more so when I give or receive a gift, I feel it's so important to be meaningful.  Yesterday I shared 15 gift ideas for under $15 (perfect for a teacher, friend, hair dresser, or special person you want to extend gratitude to) and today I am sharing even more favorite gift ideas. This time... 15 Monogrammed + Personalized gifts ideas under $25. 1 - Personalized Pillow > $24 2 - Kate Spade Business Card Holder >$24 3 - Repurposed Wood Block Art >$10 4 - … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: 15 ideas under $15

November 17, 2014


The Holiday season is fast approaching.  This time of year is ideal to show your appreciation for those that are apart of your life in some way.  Whether a teacher, bus driver, hair dresser, or mailman, it's nice to give a little something to show thanks.  But is an affordable, but pretty (and useful) gift possible to find?  YES! I have found 15 perfect gifts for under $15... 1 - Kate Spade Set of 2 Notebooks >$12 2 - Fur Ear Muffs > $10.39 / Cable Knit Ear Warmers > $11.99 3 - Nose Eyglass Holder > $5.99 4 - Wax Seal Kit > $15 5 - Gold Earrings > $7.99 6 - Totes … [Read more...]

The Art of E-Design {Online Interior Design Services}

October 21, 2014


I'm so bad at promoting myself, not because I'm bad at what I do, but because I never want to be pushy or come across as arrogant (because I'm really not a fan of the in your face, salesman-y, self-promoting type).  But after much thought, a need to work, and pushes encouragement from a few friends, I'm writing a post about something other than my blog, which is my Interior Design business. So along with my blog, you might not know/realize that I also have an interior design business where I work with clients to create spaces that they never thought imaginable.  I am so grateful because I … [Read more...]

10 Fabulous Fall Rugs

October 13, 2014


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kalaty Rug. All opinions are 100% mine. Here and there I've been sprucing up the house for the change of seasons. I haven't focused too much on decorating for the specific Fall season (except for my dining table centerpiece) but rather changing over the decor for warm weather living. Yes, winter is coming and in northern New York we get hammered. So by-bye to the the light linen throws and hello cozy wool blankets. Along with swapping the throws for the down comforters, this time of year is great for adding new rugs into the home or … [Read more...]

Everything FALL! {all posts in one place}

September 26, 2014


I recently had a few readers reach out asking me about seasonal Fall projects.  In all honesty, other than my front porch, I've done nothing to spice up my home for Fall this year.  Lack of time I guess.  BUT, I have a slew of posts from the past on decorating for the Autumn season.  It is my favorite time of year after all, so this post is dedicated (and will be updated over time as needed) with posts of mine with all things FALL... Check out these past posts to get your excited about the season. Autumn Log Centerpiece {DIY tutorial} 18 Easy Decorating Ideas for Fall {project … [Read more...]

Inspirational Autumn Eye Candy {Gorgeous Fall Spaces}

September 17, 2014


Aside from my favorite Fall things like wearing oversized cable knit sweaters, going apple picking, and Sunday football with the family, I love the changing over of blankets from light linen to heavy wool, and the swapping out of pillows from bright hues of yellow to deeper plums & emerald. Even though I am not completely ready to say goodbye to the long, warm days of Summer, Fall has a special place in my heart.   It's the season when I got married to my love, it's the time of year when my daughter was born.  Autumn is like no other when the days turn crisp and the leaves reflect the … [Read more...]

Q & A Interview with David Bromstad

August 5, 2014


"We have celebrity interior designer and artist David Bromstad available for an interview...  Would love to know if you’d be able to speak with him?" Seriously, does that have to be asked?  Do I want to interview the incredibly talented David Bromstad?  ummm, YAY!!!  After taking a few breaths and realizing the email wasn't a hoax, I was super psyched and totally nervous.  Lil' ole' me interviewing a celeb designer - HOLLA.  It's not every day you get to interview a designer with such great creativity + talent + love for color! David is a favorite of mine because of his passion for great … [Read more...]

A Dream Oasis…

August 3, 2014


I love my home.  Every nook-and-crannie has either been renovated, painted, or touched in some way to make it ours. BUT, I still dream.  I dream of creating an oasis where I can completely step away from it all, relax 100%, and all be mine - just for a moment.  Even though I love color, I dream of this oasis to be serene, quiet, and totally zen.  Soft pinks, hues of white, all surrounded by fluffy pillows and fun textures. Like living on a cloud... So what triggered this post on creating my dream oasis?  Dyson recently reached out to me about creating a magical dream space and even though I … [Read more...]

The Nursery Nook: Gallery Wall

June 10, 2014


As much as we've been focusing + putting a lot of effort into transforming the outdoor patio & deck, we've also been working on the baby space. Note how I didn't use the word 'room'...  Why? Because my soon-to-be 2 girls will be sharing a room, so we've been referring to the new baby 'space' as The Nursery Nook. Take a look... We've put much of our efforts this year into making updates to the kids rooms (boy room evolution) + the 2nd floor space (new carpet + the new chalkboard wall).  After the decision was made that the girls would share a room once the baby arrives, I … [Read more...]

7 Savvy Tips for Finding Thrifted Treasures

June 3, 2014


Once Spring hits, my brain goes immediately to the thoughts of garage sales & thrifting. We finally come out of Winter hibernation to get our feet wet and hands dirty in the garage by upcycling and transforming those blah finds to be beautiful. Hitting up a weekend garage sale or visiting a local thrift store is a great way to introduce unique, interesting, and inexpensive décor into your home. That “something special” is unlikely to be the same piece your neighbor picked up last week. Thrifting allows the opportunity to bring elements into a home that are meaningful and/or have the … [Read more...]