Styling your Bookshelves to Create a Dazzling Display

February 21, 2011


Bookshelves, whether built-in or free standing, are a great way to fill a bare wall, give height to a room, and create a wall of art using a combination of books and accessories. No matter your budget, well-styled bookshelves can be the focal point of your space and make a true statement. Update your boring bookshelves into a dazzling display Showcase your passions. Display pieces that interest you and that you're passionate about.  Your hobbies should shine through in your space. Books aren't the only thing for bookcases. Along with your books, fill your shelves with accessories, … [Read more...]

The Beauty of Banquettes

October 11, 2010

Don't you just love a comfy, chic banquette where you can enjoy your morning coffee or a glass of wine with friends?  Banquettes provide a great way for lots of seating and great conversation, as well as plenty of room for storage.  Seating can be designed in a small nook of your 1920's home or in a large breakfast room that is open to your gourmet kitchen.  Whatever your space allows, your desire for a banquette can be achieved.  Check out some of these banquette designs...Check out this banquette from Ballard Designs. If you don't want a permanent, built-in banquette, … [Read more...]


October 9, 2010

Here is suggestion for a book on built-ins: New Built-in Idea BKCommentary: " Do-it-yourself home projects have become a national pastime, and nothing satisfies that urge more then creating built-ins. The fact that they are a permanent part of a house makes it more critical that they be done with as much skill and imagination as possible." (image courtesy of Amazon) … [Read more...]