Trick or Tip Week Starting Next Monday

October 18, 2011

Tip Trick Party

Halloween is just around the corner and to bring in this spooooky holiday,  I've partnered with a few of my favorite fellow bloggers and we're hosting Trick or Tip Week starting next Monday.  Each day, one of us will be sharing our favorite tricks and tips.  Then on Friday, we're having a 5 blog-wide linky party where YOU can link up and share your own Trick or Tip. So here's the lineup for the week Monday: Jenna, SAS Interiors - Paint Tuesday: Sandra, Sawdust and Paperscraps - DIY Wednesday: Diane, In My Own Style - Decor Thursday: Shannon, Madigan Made - Blogging Friday: Brittany, … [Read more...]

Project Fail Turned Success: Lampshade Makeover

October 17, 2011


Some projects are smooth sailing the entire way, like this, and some are NOT! From the get-go this project was just fail, fail, fail - it had FAIL written all over it.  BUT once I put my "thinking cap" on, things made a little turn for the better.  The result? have to read on to find out how ~ To give you a peak, this is the end result, but it took some time getting here (to say the least). The story begins in a far away castle with a princess searching for a crowned jewel garage with a DIYer attempting to revamp a lampshade. I felt like our front room (a.k.a. … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Embellishments

October 13, 2011

Embellished Pumpkins

Pumpkins are so beautiful on their own, au naturel-style, or paired with other natural elements, but it's also fun when you "dress them up" and add some unique embellishments.  Through my blogosphere crawl, I've seen some amazingly creative pumpkin decor and had to put a post together to share! Be inspired and create one of your own! Pinned by Jenna via Pinterest Pinned by Jenna via Pinterest Chevron, on a pumpkin?  O, yes - these sure are stylish beauties!  You never know what a little fabric and Mod Podge can do! Pinned by Jenna via Pinterest Pinned by Jenna via Pinterest Pinned by … [Read more...]

5 Minute Autumn Centerpiece

October 11, 2011


This past weekend when I got my DIY groove back, I made a centerpiece for my dining table that literally took less than 5 minutes and cost nothing!  The pictures, staging, and post took longer than the actual project.  Thankfully I am SO pleased with the results and now my dining table is complete for the Fall season.  Here's a sneak peak of the final outcome, but let me take you through the steps so you can make one for your table! A few weeks ago, while going for an evening walk around the neighborhood, there were a pile of cut down trees on the side of the road ready for the next … [Read more...]

Happenings on the Homestead: Got my Groove Back

October 10, 2011


What an amazing weekend it's been and it's not even over yet since today is a Holiday thanks to the founder of our country, Christopher Columbus.   I have been in a crazed-paranoid-funk lately.  I've been uber busy, with all good things, but it's been a wee bit stressful and keeping me away from what I truly love... DIYing!  I haven't had much time to venture into new projects, but this weekend that all changed.  I felt like Stella from How Stella Got Her Groove Back, except instead of getting my groove back in the romantic department, my groove was back in creating and DIYing. Of … [Read more...]

Wild About Stripes

October 7, 2011

Decorating with stripes_7

I love incorporating stripes into any space!  Whether large or small, on a wall, ceiling, or pillow, a striped pattern can add drama and visual intrigue to any decor style.  They also pair well with patterned or floral designs and can be as subtle or bold as you prefer. Wide Stripes(Pinned by Jenna via Pinterest) (Pinned by Jenna via Pinterest) Wide stripes with contrasting colors makes for a dramatic and fluid-like space.  Whether using bold stripes in a living room or in a transitional space, such as a hallway, they enliven the overall aesthestic.  When using opposite colors like … [Read more...]

Magnificent Mudrooms… without the mud

October 6, 2011


I have a new client that I'm working with who is desperately seeking a reorganized, functional, and inviting mudroom.   With mudrooms on my mind, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share some ideas and useful tips to create a properly functioning space.  The foyer or mudroom of any home is the first place you enter and the last place you leave.  It's the dropping ground for shoes, pocketbooks, bookbags, hats, gloves, scarves, and the list goes on and on and on...  In many households there is the constant struggle and back-and-forth-banter of keeping it clean,"pretty", and … [Read more...]

Trash to Treasure: Nursery Lamp Makeover

October 3, 2011

DIY_Nursery Lamp

It's always fun to make treasure out of trash! A few weeks ago I was visiting a friend and sharing with her my experience on revamping a recent lamp project.  In turn she said she had acquired a lamp that was from her husband's childhood, but had no idea what to do with it.  After a trip to the basement to scrounge through a few boxes, she came back with quite the "trash".  It really wasn't trash, it was just in desperate need of a makeover to give it new life. To keep it in the family, her desire was to put it in her son's room and I had the perfect idea! Once I got the lamp home, I … [Read more...]

5 Bold Black Spaces

September 30, 2011

Black Interior_1

Everyone knows that the classic black dress is a staple for any woman.  We wear black all the time, so why don't we incorporate it into our Interiors? Black, sometimes thought of as a drear or depressing color, can actually be used in a dramatic and sophisticated way to create a stunning space with depth and intrigue.  Just like the classic black dress, accessories in lighter or bold accent colors can be layered on top to finish the look! The trend of using black throughout interior spaces has been around for a few years, but I still think people are intimidated by this fierce and … [Read more...]

Autumn Mantel and Exterior Seasonal Decor

September 28, 2011


All of a sudden Fall is here and it's back to being in the 70s/80s and humid (in NY) - go figure.  Well I finally got my act together and now that it's officially Fall, the transformation of my seasonal decor has begun.  Over the past few days, I have been changing out my Summer wares of light blankets and brighter colored pillows to a warmer, more cozy setting. Fall has always been a favorite season of mine with the changing colors on the leaves, the ability to bring in natural elements from the outdoors, and the warm hues and textures that can be incorporated into a space.  To start off … [Read more...]