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Creating a Meaningful Home: Series Wrap Up

September 2, 2014


The last two months I've been in 100% survival mode.  Basically each day was simply spent trying to survive and making it through. And somehow, someway I did it. Taking care of and "entertaining" my two kids plus caring for an infant, all while being exhausted from lack of sleep, wasn't easy. But I did it. We're still alive. We're all happy (for the most part). And I survived. There was little time (actually no time) to work and blog over the past 60 days, so I am truly thankful for my awesome blogger friends who filled in while on maternity leave a.k.a. 'survival mode'. Each and every one … [Read more...]

Creating a Meaningful Home: I Heart Organizing

September 1, 2014


This is the last guest post for the Creating a Meaningful Home Blog Series.  I'm sad to see the series end, but I am thrilled to have the very talented & inspiring Jen of I Heart Organizing. Welcome Jen… ******************* I am so honored to be part of the amazing Meaningful Home series.  With such an emphasis on Pinterest and "projects", the blogging community can quickly lose sight of what it is all about in the first place and why we love to do what we do. When we built our home 12 years ago, we started with a blank slate of white walls and generic flooring and off the shelf … [Read more...]

Sleeping Like a Baby with ComforPedic iQ

August 29, 2014


We all know how important sleep is. As a mom of a newborn it's incredible how much those precious hours of rest can energize the body to tackle the day ahead. One important (and probably the most important) factor to achieve the best nights sleep or even an afternoon catnap is the mattress you lie your head on.  Our master bedroom mattress was actually the guest room mattress in our previous hone. Even though we love the family and friends who visit, the mattress we chose wasn't the best.  It was a basic run-of-the-mill, flip-every-6-months, spring-style mattress.  It was comfy but … [Read more...]

Creating a Meaningful Home: Eclectically Vintage

August 27, 2014


Today’s guest post for the Creating a Meaningful Home Blog Series is Kelly of Eclectically Vintage. Welcome Kelly… ******************* Hi SAS friends - I'm Kelly of Eclectically Vintage and I'm thrilled to be here today sharing how I Create a Meaningful Home. My dream (and my hubby's nightmare) came true five years ago when we bought a 100 year old, run down house on a beautiful tree lined street. Brace yourself for the before ... Take a deep sigh of relief for the after ... Just like pregnancy, the renovation took nine months and just like giving birth, they say you … [Read more...]

Creating a Meaningful Home: View Along the Way

August 25, 2014


Today’s guest post for the Creating a Meaningful Home Blog Series is Kelly of View Along the Way. Welcome Kelly… ******************* Hey buds! I'm so pumped to be here on Jenna's beautiful blog talking about creating a meaningful home. I've been totally diggin' this series, haven't you? I'm Kelly and I blog at View Along the Way. We bought our stinky ol' foreclosure with grand plans of fixing it up in, oh, about four to six days total... Six years later we're still at it, still working through it one room at a time, and my perspective has changed a million percent. I used … [Read more...]

Creating a Meaningful Home: Inspiring Hearts & Homes

August 20, 2014


Today’s guest post for the Creating a Meaningful Home Blog Series is Ange of Inspiring Hearts & Homes. Welcome Ange… ******************* Hi, I'm Ange from Inspiring Hearts & Homes, I am so excited to be a guest in Jenna's series Creating a Meaningful Home! I just love what Jenna has done in her own home, making it truly a home for her family and that she has this series so we can all share our own unique perspectives. Creating a meaningful home is something I am passionate about as well, making our home a place that our family can come home to and really just a shelter from the … [Read more...]

Creating a Meaningful Home: DIY Show Off

August 18, 2014


Today’s guest post for the Creating a Meaningful Home Blog Series is Roeshel of DIY Show Off. Welcome Roeshel… ******************* Hi SAS Interiors friends! I'm Roeshel from DIYShowOff and honored to participate in Jenna's Meaningful Home series. To us, creating a meaningful home has meant transforming an old fixer upper farmhouse into our forever home. And for these past few years that's meant a lot of do-it-yourself projects with personal touches and decorative decisions that make sense for our family. We just do what we love. Updating the kitchen is still a work in progress … [Read more...]

Triple Feature in Kitchen + Bath Makeovers Magazine

August 14, 2014


It seems like a lifetime ago, but early last year (in 2013) a crew from Better Homes & Gardens came to my home to photograph a bunch of spaces.  It was an incredible, eye-opening experience and one I will never forget. Truly a dream come true that I never even knew I had... Long before one of my client's kitchens were photographed for this past Spring's KBMO cover and even longer before my kids & I were photographed at our Central Command Center, our kitchen and master bath (plus the family room) were photographed and are finally being featured in the fall/winter issue of kitchen + … [Read more...]

Creating a Meaningful Home: The White Buffalo Styling Co.

August 13, 2014


Today’s guest post for the Creating a Meaningful Home Blog Series is Lindsay of The White Buffalo Styling Co. Welcome Lindsay… ******************* Thank you so much for having me, Jenna!  I am Lindsay and I blog over at The White Buffalo Styling Co.  When Jenna asked me to participate in this series, I was so excited because this is my main goal with my home and blog. There's a long story about The White Buffalo.  You can read the whole thing here.  But in short, I believe that each of us has a distinct style and appreciation of beauty.  And I believe that nothing makes our homes more … [Read more...]

Creating a Meaningful Home: Sarah M. Dorsey Designs

August 11, 2014


Today’s guest post for the Creating a Meaningful Home Blog Series is Sarah of Sarah M. Dorsey Designs. Welcome Sarah… ******************* Hi SAS friends! I'm Sarah from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs, where I share my day to day DIY adventures and all things home related! Even though I've moved three times in the past year, my definition of a meaningful home is the same as most, first and foremost, family and then a few meaningful things that we've made and collected over time. Here's how I've created a meaningful home, on the go! 1. Meaningful items. We make and collect a lot of things, … [Read more...]