Valentine Wreath with Paint Chip Flowers

January 16, 2014

Thanks all for loving my printables so much – I didn’t realize what a hit they’d be.  I guess next time I should have more confidence…  Weren’t all the other printables along the Blog Hop super cute as well?  I am still in the romance mood (that sounded corny), and wanted to share with you a wreath I created last year.  It was originally featured on Jen’s blog, but I wanted to give it a refresh and share it all with you.  It’s one of my favorites to-date!

Come see how I made this Valentine Wreath with Paint Chip Flowers

Valentine Wreath with Paint Chip Flowers created by @Jenna_Burger,

It wasn’t difficult to make at all and the flower petals were actually a bit calming to create.

The supplies I used for this wreath creation were:

  • Grapevine wreath ( I got mine on sale at AC Moore for $2.50)
  • Eucalyptus leaves
  • White spray paint (I used a gloss finish)
  • Paint chip samples in an array of pinks and reds
  • Hot glue gun
  • A heart punch or scissors to manually cut out hearts

I started off with the paint chip flowers.

Using paint chip samples in a range of colors from pinks to reds to purple, and a 1.5″ heart-shaped hole punch, I cut out about 40 hearts. I got this decorative paper punch at AC Moore for less than $10, but as an alternative, you could cut hearts out with plain ole’ “old school” scissors. The hearts may not result as exact, but the idea is still the same.

Valentine Wreath with Paint Chip Flowers created by @Jenna_Burger,

Then I cut a piece of felt about 3″ round (any heavier material will work as well), laid out 6 hearts around the outer edge, and secured them with a nice-sized dab of hot glue.

Valentine Wreath with Paint Chip Flowers by @Jenna_Burger of, featured on

Then for the inner hearts, I curled the top edge using a pencil to create the look of a flower.

Valentine Wreath with Paint Chip Flowers by @Jenna_Burger of, featured on

I layered (4) ‘curled’ hearts in the center, on top of the outer edge of hearts. To complete each flower creation, I added a small 3 dimensional piece of paint chip for the center of the “flower”.

After making a few more flowers of different sizes (they don’t all have to be this large size – differing sizes make it more interesting), I added them to the wreath. Having the back of the flowers on felt, allows the ease of adding them to the wreath. With a dab of hot glue, I attached the felt-backed flowers to the wreath. Once Valentine’s Day is over, the flowers can easily be removed from the wreath, and different embellishments can be added for other holidays or occasions.

Valentine Wreath with Paint Chip Flowers created by @Jenna_Burger,

This wreath truly was a joy to create and took only about an hour to make (I add the eucalyptus & spray painted the wreath Day 1 which took about 15 minutes, then made the flowers and attached them Day 2 which took about 30 minutes).

Valentine Wreath with Paint Chip Flowers created by @Jenna_Burger,

Valentine Wreath with Paint Chip Flowers created by @Jenna_Burger,

This festive Valentine wreath would be great hanging on a front door or inside the home. I have it above my fireplace – it’s the perfect centerpiece above my mantel.

Valentine Wreath with Paint Chip Flowers by @Jenna_Burger of, featured on

Super cute, right?!

I like it so much because it doesn’t scream Valentine’s Day.  It could really take you right through the Spring months.  Wouldn’t it also look good with fall colored paint chips – Ooo, that gives me an idea!

Want to see some more of my Vday creations?  Here are a few:

> The valentine burlap wreath with felt flowers that I created a few years ago

click on image for tutorialValentine Burlap Wreath with Felt Flowers created by @Jenna_Burger of

> My ‘love’ connection wood sign.  Do you see lame / dorky or wow, she’s really creative?

click on image for tutorialValentines Love Connection Wood Sign created by @Jenna_Burger,

Do you decorate for Valentine’s day?

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  1. So cute! Such a creative way to use paint chips!
    Have a great weekend!
    Leslie Stewart @ House on the Way recently posted..Accordion Hanger as a Craft Supply Organizer

  2. This Valentine wreath is so cute. I love it.

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