5 Simple Steps to Complete Darkness + Giveaway

April 13, 2012

No I haven’t turned to the Dark Side, but I now am in complete darkness thanks to my new blackout cellular shades.  Thanks to the fine folks of Payless Decor, I got the opportunity to hang & test their shades and I have to say they are different & better than what I expected!  Read on…

I am a huge fan of layering window treatments, not only for aesthetic reasons (to look pretty), but also for function.  Who wants the bright sun glaring through the windows at 5 a.m.?  I don’t :)  Adding dimension and layers to your window treatments not only picture frames the exterior, but it also allows for privacy, light blockage, and energy efficiency.

If you read my blog often enough, you may know that I’ve been working on some design updates to my son’s room, which is now 99.999% complete (the final reveal will be next week).  The window in his room is made up of (3) 30″ wide double hung windows, which had one long blackout shade installed by the previous owners. A few months ago it broke (cord snapped – hmmm, I wonder how…) and since, we’ve had to open and close the long drapery panels each night, which has not been easy.  When the opportunity arose to “test” something, I knew this would be the perfect room.

After I chose my blind, it was time to get started!


The most important step after choosing a blind or shade is to MEASURE CORRECTLY!  If you have one window, that’s fairly easy, but if you have multiple like mine, you want to make sure to leave enough room between the shades.  You also want to determine if you want the shade to be hung within the window frame (which is what I did) or on the outside (either on the moulding or on the wall).  Either is a great look and will depend on the other window treatment layers you are adding.  If you need tips on measuring for blinds, shades, or panels, check out this guide on How To Measure for Window Treatments.

Once size and style is set, the blinds, shades, or panels are ready to be hung!

1. Get Started  First, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.  If you don’t, it will take you double (or triple) the time to install – this is true for most things in life!  Right??

2 – 4. Install Brackets  Whether inside or outside mounted shades, determine the placement.  Holding the hardware in place, make a mark with a pencil so you know where to install the screw.  Once you’ve got the first one complete,  finish the rest.

5. Install Shade  Once the hardware is in place, snap in the shade.

And it’s complete!

It’s amazing how much light the shades block.  This picture was taken during the brightest time of day, but it’s clear that as the shade is drawn down, it really blocks the sun.

I had mentioned earlier in the post that I felt these shades were better than others.  Most of the windows in my home have numerous layers depending on the room function.  I have purchased and installed a number of different style and brand blackout shades, and these are just different.  The quality feels better and they glide up and down with SUCH EASE.  Also, when you retract them up, they almost feel like a vacuum sucking up, so they sit right in place – Others that I have, simply don’t do that.

Most of us love the sun shining through, but sometimes during the day/night, you just don’t!

Thanks to Payless Decor for allowing me to try out these shades.  I am honestly saying (100% truth) that these blinds have brought a big difference to my son’s room.  Payless Decor is also a sponsor of SAS Interiors now and they not only offer blackout shades, but also a wide variety of other blinds, shades, panels, and draperies.

One of my favorite style shades are bamboo and Payless Decor offers a wide range of colors from a light natural to a dark walnut/auburn.

If you’re not sure of the style you desire, but know the need for your room, shop by the feature instead – cordless, blackout, blinds for outdoors, as well as doors and divider alternatives. So many options, colors, and styles, all at a great pricepoint.

On to the GIVEAWAY!

Payless Decor is giving away a $50 Gift Certificate to TWO lucky winners.  There are no restrictions and the gift certificate can be used on any product that they offer.

This Giveaway Is Over.

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  1. I would LOVE some bamboo sliding panels for my kitchen door!
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  7. I visited Payless Decor and I would love to have their Bamboo Shades to go in my sewing room.

  8. I like Payless Decor on FB, THANKS for sending me over!

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  11. I would LOVE the premium bamboo shades
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  14. Nice! I like the bamboo. (And a dark room is a necessity for me to sleep!)
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  15. Gosh. Hard decision! Love the blackout shades and the bamboo!

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  19. I love the look of the Bamboo shades! They would be perfect in my studio space!!
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  20. The Roman blackout shades would work for me! I need complete darkness :D
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  21. I’d love a Bamboo shade!

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  24. I think I’d like the 9/16″ Premium Cordless Cellular Shades for my daughter’s room. It’s still bright when we put her to bed (and only going to get worse into summer). Being she’s a toddler, I want something cordless too.

  25. I like the bamboo shades!!! Great giveaway

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  28. I LOVE their bamboo shades, would love to get some for our bedroom!
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