The Power Struggle of Color Versus Neutral

January 20, 2012

I often struggle with what I like better…



Or Colors.


I enjoy a soft and serene oasis,


but I also like a bold statement.


I like tone-on-tone and quiet hues,


but I also like to be daring.


I like soft fabrics and subtle textures,


but I also like vibrant, contrasting bursts of color.


Why choose?  I just need to accept that I like it all! There’s always a happy medium.

Do you struggle with keeping a space neutral or adding color?
What do you prefer – Neutrals or Color?

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  1. Me too!! I’ve always had a deep love affair with clean white! However, lately I am leaning more to bright colors. Not just pops of color but in your face all over the place color!
    Angie recently posted..Friday’s Happy Things

    • I guess I jut appreciate it all and wish I had lots and lots of space to do it all. One room in all whites, another in bright colors, another with rich textures, etc…. Thanks Angie for chiming in! xo Jenna

  2. Its like asking to choose between your children! ;) I flipflop all the time so I decided I’m going with neutral big pieces of furniture and then I’ll have neutral and colorful accessories I can change out. Yay!
    Kayla @ Your Day Simplified recently posted..Classic Stone Fireplaces

  3. oh yeah! Definitely have that problem! But I have kids, so their rooms are giving me the color I want, and the “shared spaces” are more subtle.

  4. I prefer a neutral wall with pops of color by using pillows and etc.
    melissa recently posted..7 deadly sins of beauty

  5. I’m a color girl. Love bold statements. I’ve never been a neutrals lover and don’t anticipate being any time soon.
    Shesten recently posted..6 Things To Do To Get Ready For The Hunger Games Movie

  6. Erin Gast says:

    I struggle between the two opposites also. I usually just end up going with the neutrals, just to be on the safe side. I’m always afraid that if I try to so the bold, bright and daring stuff that I won’t pull it off or put it all together correctly and it’ll just look like choas or have that “too much going on” appearance.

  7. Debra Taylor says:

    Great site…love your ideas and photos. Please add me to your mailing list!

  8. Have you ever felt like you were reading or hearing something that is just sooo YOU?!?! Welp… you have hit the nail on the head. This is SO me!! I’m not afraid to try it all… BUT can you really do rooms differently (assuming they don’t flow into one another) and it not look ridiculous?! I think I just need “permission”… hahaha.

    LOVE your blog! I’m a big fan! :)
    Kristy recently posted..Clarity and the value of family

    • I think you can absolutely have rooms in the home with different tones (white vs. color). In the more vibrant space, you can bring in some neutral / white accents and in the white room, you can introduce some colorful accessories/accents. So glad you’re a “big fan” Kristy! xo Jenna

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