American Painter: Mark Innerst

December 21, 2010

I came across an amazing artist recently and had to share some of his momentous pieces. Mark Innerst, who grew up in Pennsylvania and New York, has forever been inspired by his surroundings to create a mixture of abstract and realist compositions.  A recent article in Elle Decor put it perfectly, "The next time you’re in Manhattan, stand at the center of a midtown crosswalk. Then look up the avenue and squint a bit. The jumble of language on billboards and shop signs falls away, and you’re left with a mosaic of stone, glass, and hazy light."  Some of Innerst's painting titles, … [Read more...]

Behind the Scenes at a Willow House Photo Shoot

December 20, 2010

Have you ever flipped through a catalog or magazine and wondered how the picture was created? Every scene you see has been styled and propped to perfection.  Here is a {Behind the Scenes} look at a Willow House photoshoot: {Catalog View - page 58/59}Inspired by the jewel-toned colors of the Prism Glass Ornaments, this exquisite table was created using a basic piece of burlap (made into a runner) and branches found in the home-owners yard.  Then layered on top of that are colorful flower balls covered with a Glass Dome, as well as the Emerson Stemware and Hawthorne … [Read more...]

Creative Cork Wreaths

December 18, 2010

A few friends and I got together yesterday to make wreaths out of used corks from the many bottles of wine we've drank (over the years)... And, O what fun it was (the drinking and the making)!{The Result}Scotty and I created a smaller (8" round) cork wreath, but you can make any size you'd like... keeping on reading to look at more versions.{The Process} Supplies:8" round styrofoam wreath 70 +/- corksHot glue gunGlue sticks (a 12"-14" round styrofoam wreath would take about 150 +/- corks) Start building your wreath one cork at a time...  One mini hot glue gun for 3 ladies … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger: Holiday Traditions

December 17, 2010

So I'm switching it up today and have invited Jenn from Green Door Designs to do a Guest Blog.  Jenn and I are both Willow House Design Consultants, and started our Interior Design and Decor blogs around the same time.  Even though we've never met in person, lots of emails and messages have been sent back and forth.  She has been an awesome support person and her blog for everyday living is one that I read often!  I was a Guest Blogger on her site last week and wrote about My Personal Style, and Jenn brings us today a post about her family's Holiday Traditions.I am not … [Read more...]

Drive-by Salvage + Railing Re-do + Repurposing your old Christmas Cards = Busy Week!

December 17, 2010

So you must be getting a little tired of ALL the Christmas postings lately...only a week left and I'll be redirecting my efforts to New Year, New You!  For some reason, everything I do (decorating included) is never complete/done/'s always a continuous process.  We started decorating for the Holidays the weekend after Thanksgiving (which you've seen from many of my posts), but I'm never quite done.  Just this week, I've been working on some more Christmas projects to round out the week in preparation for guests this weekend!The other day, my hubby came home with this … [Read more...]

Entertaining for the Holidays!

December 16, 2010

The tree is up....the decorating is complete...and now it's time to PAR-TAY!  Are you opening your home this weekend and entertaining for the Holidays?  Whether you are throwing a party for 10 or 100 (or anywhere in between), entertain with style!  Provide your guests with VIP treatment and pay attention to detail.  But most of all, a great host is one that is relaxed and enjoys themselves throughout the party....everything else will naturally flow. {WELCOME}  Decorate the exterior just as you do your interior.Set the mood even BEFORE your guests ENTER!  … [Read more...]

Repurposing your Extra Ornaments

December 14, 2010

Do you have extra ornaments left over that just didn't fit onto the Christmas tree this year?  Here are some ideas on how to repurpose your ornaments, so they don't get left behind (or remain unused in the box)...Ornaments don't only have to be for the Christmas tree.  I love how this staircase banister is decked out with different ornaments hung at varying heights.  By simply using clear fishing line, loop it around the ornament hook & attach the other end to the banister.  Then finish off the rail with beautiful greenery!Add some color to your mantel! Using a … [Read more...]

RED Hot!

December 11, 2010

I'm feeling a bit cheery this morning with Christmas just 2 weeks away.  How apropos for the season to share a little {RED} Red: ~ is eye catching ~ makes a statement~ is HOT ~ is empowering~ invigorates your body{POP your interior with a bit of RED} A little RED goes a long way! Hints of RED combined with white...STUNNING! A truly amazing space...HOT RED kitchen cabinets...a show stopper! Incorporating a little RED into your Christmas decor!{Add RED into your furnishings} Amazing RED as you enter your home...ENERGIZING!{Red in Fashion} This post is brought … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger @ Green Door Designs

December 10, 2010

Morning!  SO I wrote a post for today but over at Green Door Designs, as a guest blogger.  Jenn, writer and creator of Green Door Designs, has an awesome website about design, fashion, DIY projects, & everything in between.  To give you a little hint about today's's all about my {FAVORITE}style.....  {HEAD ON OVER!} … [Read more...]

Christmas Trees of all kinds

December 10, 2010

For me, decorating our Christmas tree is truly one of the most enjoyable parts of the year.  It's such an exciting and festive time, in anticipation of the beautiful Holiday.  I enjoy opening and seeing the ornaments from years past and reminiscing about where they came from  ~  heirlooms, family vacations, handmade, etc.  As we do every year, we put up and decorate our tree, the weekend after Thanksgiving ~ as you saw in my post, Home for the Holidays. Have you put up your Christmas tree yet?  If that's on your to-do-list for this weekend, gather some fun and … [Read more...]