Creative Cork Wreaths

December 18, 2010

A few friends and I got together yesterday to make wreaths out of used corks from the many bottles of wine we’ve drank (over the years)… And, O what fun it was (the drinking and the making)!
{The Result}
Scotty and I created a smaller (8″ round) cork wreath, 
but you can make any size you’d like… keeping on reading to look at more versions.

{The Process} 
8″ round styrofoam wreath
70 +/- corks
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
 (a 12″-14″ round styrofoam wreath would take about 150 +/- corks)
Start building your wreath one cork at a time… 
One mini hot glue gun for 3 ladies = a FUN morning!
 With coffee in hand and kids at our feet, we were off making our wreaths!
Ela was making a different style wreath (which was a bit difficult), 
using wood cranberries, between each cork.
I attempted the same version, and had to tweak it a bit.  
Instead of a cranberry between each cork, I attached the corks and 
then added a cranberry on top ~ See below
Once the wreath was glued together, it still seemed a bit unstable, so I bent a wire coat hanger into a round shape and hot glued it on the back.  
Sorry to say, I haven’t finished it yet….but hope to post it later today! :)

Love the idea and want to create your own? 
Here are some other versions…

 Cute idea for a country look.  Read More for Instructions…
 Add a festive bow….I need to do this for my cork wreath

 Love this version with the jingle bells

 Cork Wreath…Read More for Instructions

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  1. Love your ideas. I think they are creative and unique, that’s what I like to see. Please keep them coming, you are doing a great job!

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