All about color….for your walls!

September 26, 2010

From the numerous blogs I've posted on color, I am sure you now realize that I think adding color to your space is essential for your home and your well-being.  From the walls to furnishings to artwork, color is essential for your everyday mood and feelings.  But this blog is all about color for your walls! My Favorites Sherwin Williams Camelback Sequin Morning Fog Dover White Benjamin Moore Lenox Tan Old Salem Gray Puritan Gray Mythic Paint Aged Gold Feather River Harvest Wreath My all-time favorite BRIGHT color, which I recently used in my own home, is … [Read more...]

Feng Shui Elements for your Interior

September 24, 2010


Have you ever wondered what colors mean and how they make you feel?  Color is the easiest way to change your mood and the energies that surround you.  With the art of Feng Shui you can learn how the color on your walls and around your house, impact your home's oasis. Five key elements of Feng Shui Earth Fire Wood Metal Water Each element plays a different role in your surrounding energies and can help you choose colors for your home that provide a tranquil and serene environment for the mood you want to achieve. Earth The earth represents the root of your home and will help … [Read more...]

Decorating for the Fall

September 21, 2010

Well, my favorite time of year is here again....FALL!  I was excited by this cool weather, and went out this afternoon to buy mums and pumpkins to decorate my front porch.  From that, I was inspired to provide some affordable tips on decorating the front entry of your home.  The entryway and/or porch of your house, is the first thing everyone will see when visiting.  First start off with hanging a festive wreath that has leaves, berries, sugar pumpkins, fall ribbon, and/or sticks.  I prefer a wreath that is simple using only one element, but this focal point into your home can be as ornate as … [Read more...]

Are you afraid to use COLOR?

September 21, 2010

Are most walls in your home white?  Are they still the same color as the day you moved in?  Or did you actually paint the walls, but after much back and forth, decided on off-white?  Are you afraid of COLOR? Decorating your space can be lots of fun, but at the same time quite challenging and intimidating!  Choosing a color for each room can be difficult, especially in many of today's homes where the first floor is completely open and each room flows from one to another.  BUT, it can be done!  First ask yourself, what is the overall look you are trying to achieve? What is the theme and feel or … [Read more...]

Making Lemonade out of Lemon….it begins today, NOW!

September 18, 2010

Today is the day that it all begins...the next step of my design career.  Over the past year, life has definitely been thrown some curve balls.  And like the old expression, "Make lemonade out of lemons", that is what our family has done!  After lots of thinking and contemplating about returning to the "design world", I am taking a leap of faith and have signed on as a Design Consultant with Willow House, a home accents company featuring beautiful and stylish accessories and products for your personal space.  In conjunction with this new endeavor, I am starting an Interior … [Read more...]